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B&B: February 2024 Discussion Thread

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Not a big fan of Donna, but Jennifer Gareis looked beautiful in the white gown.

Luna will take her Mom's whatever-mints and sleep with Zende, who lives in the Forrester guest house now, conveniently.

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Thank God the writers reminded us in this episode that:

1. Carter is "like family." 

2. Luna is amazing and beautiful.

I almost forgot! (Not!)

That being said, I'm convinced Poppy is dying and those "mints" are keeping her from falling out dead at any moment. She'll marry Bill and die in his arms. Although, I would love it if it turned out she just had really bad acid reflux, and those mints were her antacids...LOL

This show desperately needs at least one more restaurant/coffee house set...something. So, Bill, who's supposed to be uber-rich takes Poppy for ALL THREE DATES to Deacon's restaurant where Sheila works. Deacon and Sheila...two people he supposedly hates beyond everything else! If I was Poppy, I'd be like...Dude, do you not know ANY OTHER place in LOS ANGELES and are you really rich???" How much money can it cost to have just one more set???


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Tues. Feb. 13, Wed. Feb. 14, Tues. Feb. 20, and Wed. Feb. 21:
Soccer will override B&B and Y&R in some western USA timezones.
It will not affect the Canadian broadcasts.
You may need to set your DVR manually for those dates, as it might air at a different time the same day, later that night, or on a sister channel.
OR you might need to watch online.

*important to note that this doesn't affect eastern USA, so they will not consider any of these dates to be a preemption.  They will consider it to be an aired episode.    If you miss it, watch online. 

Full info here:


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