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B&B: February 2024 Discussion Thread

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Is this really how 2024 is starting? Is it? With this lack of taste stupid storyline that we'll forget in weeks? This is what he got for us? With RJ, the new kid on the block who we are still warming up to? And nothing major happening or about to happen? With no real stakes anywhere? With this appalling dialogue and Eric dying every other day? With Donna's fake crying every other day? 

How did Bell write himself in this corner? Yikes. 2020-2024 has been the worst period this show has ever had. And I am not dramatizing. Worst in terms of storyline, quality of dialogue, production. Even the wardrobe has never been worse. Are we supposed to believe the young macho muscle guy RJ, even if in the fashion world, will wear these absurd Zara-type shirts? Give this boy some handsome clothes. 

The shows need to either do a complete revamp and completely change course or go back to basics and more classic stories. 

RJ and Luna are written in such rushed, fake manner, with the actors having Zero chemistry, that it's making my head spin. And as much as I like seeing his bulging muscles, there is too much RJ too soon. There is no build up to this and I am confused why should I care.

Why is everything so one dimensional with no build up? Why?

And how many times do we need to suffer through Eric Forrester and Donna Escort Logan?

I am tired of this sympathy essay towards Eric. Imagine in two years, when they really need to kill him off, they will do it in like 5 episodes and be done with it. And I don't need to see Donna, the escort, in virginal white telling her teddy bear how much she loves him. I am tired of the repeated dialogue.

Why is it that this soap opera is more boring than the drama in this forum?

Sorry for this rant. I just can't stomach Bradley Bell Anymore. His writing gives me reflux.


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Li attacking Poppy again is getting tiring very quickly. Especially when it comes off cold and mean and not one bit of sympathy for her sister.

Zende is a saint people. He did nothing wrong. It was the mints. The acting by the actor that plays Zende... Yikes

Poppy finds out about Luna and what happened to her special mints.

Seriously what an awful story. Reminds me of the tainted biscuits mess on Days.

Bradley must be watching Days online.

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