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Y&R October 2023 Discussion Thread

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Oh at the scream I just let out. 


If we can't have Olivia here to get Devon and Nate to make up and deal with the shattered Winters clan, I'll gladly take Mamie. So her announcing she's staying to get them all the way together warmed my heart. 


They already started to use her to humanize Nate a little bit so good start.


And while I'm at it...I liked the flashback to Nate talking to Lily since I missed that episode and YES...THAT. Devon gets a free pass for cheating on Amanda, but Nate is still hated? I said it before and I'll say it again...the rivalry between Devon and Nate is a gold mine waiting to get tapped. 




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Just finished 10-4 and THAT'S how you do a CLIFFHANGER!!!!


Bring on JILL vs Mamie!!!


AMEN. Totally agree. 


Talk about proper course correction.

Awww thank you!!! I've been looking forward to it so it's been funny how I've been finding time this past few days. And the Mamie storyline has really been holding my interest. When she's not on...I've been annoyed by most of what's going on outside of a scene here and there...like the abbot mess and that cute little scene with Victor and Nikki in front of his portait...oh, I enjoy when Victor shows a little flirty humor. 


We know I'm not reading that spoiler.  That said...I might change my mind about HE in time, but I found her serviceable. But she does give off a 'going to go psycho' vibe. But I might be reading into it. 



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Newman family drama is zzzzz IMO but I’m glad to see EB is looking well onscreen again. At least we finally have a storyline addressing Victor’s age and health. Victoria smashing that picture at the end though. 

Nikki and Claire are clearly going to be connected somehow IMO. I’m thinking she’s going to be some lost daughter of Casey’s. 

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Exactly what I was thinking -- Casey

Roberta Leighton was at the Y&R 50th anniversary party in March.  I bet that's when the show got the idea to incorporate Casey references into storylines this year.
(If this speculation about Claire/Casey pans out)

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Her intro fell flat but her subsequent scenes with Nikki only have worked interestingly. Maybe it would have worked more interestingly for Nikki to call up Claire to come to GC and let everyone try to guess who Claire was Nikki’s new pet project. 

So true. I think the Newman drama would have been better if Nate, Audra, and Tucker had managed to wrestle complete control over what once was a family company, kind of exactly with what Victor had done with Jabot way back in the day with Adam and Victoria agreeing to work together to one day take back control when the opportunity arose. 

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