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Y&R October 2023 Discussion Thread

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Today’s show again reminds me of how isolated (and well, pointless lol) the Newmans have become from the rest of the show. Other than Nate and Audra as interlopers, there’s literally nothing going on here with Victor’s scheme being essentially stillborn/DOA from the get go. 

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I hate to say it...but I've been enjoying it as of late.


It goes without saying how much I love the Mamie storyline. 


The Claire storyline has been intriguing to me. Like I mentioned in the Spoilers thread, I just feel like HK has been giving off a psycho vibe. So watching her being slooowwly introduced (remember when soaps did that with a new character?) has been giving old Y&R.


Meanwhile, I continue to enjoy Heather/Daniel/Lily triangle that has been slowly building. And now Lily knows Heather is moving to town. Uh oh.


We know I love the Abbotts and am looking forward to what appears to be Diane/Kyle vs Billy with Jack in the middle. 


And yeeeeah, even the Newmans are slowly starting to get interesting again. Victor is TOTALLY faking this illness. That scene with him and Nick (mmmm Nick) after he made another slip was telling. To what end though? And then there's the stuff with Claire so Nikki will be kept busy. And I can even tolerate Nick/Sally/Adam again even though it seems clear Sally/Adam are heading back to each other. 


And I actually enjoyed Phyllis getting the upper hand on Tucker. Nice ending. 


I think the only thing I'm missing right now is more of Summer/Chance/Sharon. 

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Hehe. Probably more than I should be. He definitely looked good in that tanktop more than he did since he returned from his trip.


I thought it was so 'like father, like son' that he was at the punching bag like how Victor tends to be. Has Nick ever done that? I know he goes to the gym, but I can't seem to remember if he and Victor has done the punching bag at the same time.


He's getting that way. Which tbf is how Tucker SHOULD be.


But is he really in the Newmans storyline at the moment? I don't think he is. 

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Oooooo Audra vs Phyllis!!! That was some bitcafest chemistry right there. Well done to AS who I felt was denied a rivalry with AL's Summer so it was nice to see some hint of chemistry with her and MS. And they both looked good as they verbally sparred with each other in Tucker's hotel room. It was what I expected with Audra and Nikki when Nikki found out about Kyle and Audra, but Audra folded too quickly.


And yeeesss at these Mamie/Nate scenes. They are really using Mamie to get into Nate's head. And I loved that she touched on Nate might have moved too fast, too soon during the Chanceller takedown #shadesofimani. I also thought it was slightly meta that she said what I feel we all think...Victor would only give Nate's crumbs even if he married Victoria...kinda like black characters in general on soaps when it comes to story. Though Mamie's dislike of Jill will always be a hoot. Or her shade in conversation. In any case, the humanizing of Nate continues.


Ugh! Shut up, Kyle. Such a baby now. 


I missed it.

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Ik. No worries.


I would assume it's from Jill making him pay for cheating on her when he was originally WITH Jill back in the day. So there will always be that. And we know Jill holds a grudge. 

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