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Y&R October 2023 Discussion Thread

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Watching today’s episode after Nick finds everything out and I’m still so baffled by this Victor storyline. Victor out of boredom, demoted two of his children to lesser roles and then began to fake dementia to see which one of them he pissed off enough to turn on him, even though they rightfully should. This is absurd.

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I know this heffa did not just try to take Danny home. I mean...

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And then...who walks in...but Christine. Nice cliffhanger.


It just occurred to me that they are really using Nikki right now. And MTS does so much with her face. Her eyes say so much. Like when she can tell Victor was lying to Victoria's face, but her body language gave nothing away, but her face...gave everything. And in a way, her assistant is HER story. And meanwhile, she has the family drama as well. I am finding it ridiculous at the moment though. Can we get back to the Abbotts? lol. Even Nate is being written meh so far this week with his whiny little boy running to Victoria to tell on Adam. Outside of Nikki and Nikki stuff, I was just rolling my eyes.


Ooooo at the friction between Daniel and Lily over Heather. And then there is Giggly Heffa stirring the pot. Not sure how I feel about this new set, but if that means MG...which I've started to wonder what his contract is...is sticking around...GOOD.



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I, too, love the return of Mamie attempting to reunite her family, but I hate that she has had to work with Tucker to get where she's gotten and I'm afraid associating with Tucker is going come back and bite her in the ass at some point.

The Victor fake dementia thing was stupid and am I the only one who can't figure out how Nate came out the bad guy in all that lost his job?

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