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Y&R and B&B July Spoilers

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  • From SoapDirt:
  • Imani executes a scheme of sabotage and seduction as she vows to get into Nate’s pants and CRUSH her competition Elena!
  • Phyllis’ latest scheme quickly unravels in a shocking manner, and she loses her sanity! When Diane becomes a victim of Phyllis rage attack, everyone sides with Diane including Jack and Summer. Diane may be the town trouble maker, but Phyllis is now the town psycho!
  • Kyle and Summer are excited about the prospects of Chelsea working for their company, but Summer quickly suspects something is looney with Chelsea as she continues her descent….can Billy and Lauren save the day?
  • The Locke Ness Monster is disgusted when he gets conned, but the Newman family will be taken off guard when he sows the seeds of discord to cause the Newmans to self-implode!
  • Tessa and Mariah look for a summer miracle as Tessa’s career hangs in the balance!
  • Noah and Allie grow closer, but Allie suspects something is not quite right about Noah…
  • A familiar but disturbing presence will run amok this summer in Genoa City!


  • Steffy returns and continues to mourn the loss of Finn but feels a strange cosmic connection to him!
  • Mike and Sheila make a valiant effort with electric shock paddles, and Finn is revived!!! But the revival will bring back Finn’s horrific memories! Will Finn confront Sheila or play along with her lies?
  • A power outage darkens LA, leading to both turmoil and steamy passionate encounters in the dark between both familiar couples as well as unlikely ones!
  • When Li is discovered to be missing, Jack returns and connects with Taylor to search for Li while the truth about Thomas’ aid to Sheila will boil again to the surface!
  • Quinn interrupts Carter and Paris’ wedding in a shocking manner, and the wedding is called off! Paris’s heart may be broken if Carter decides to put true love ahead of whatever this is with Paris. Will Zende be waiting for her again?
  • All hell breaks loose as the denizens of LA will make their way to Monte Carlo!
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Looks like Y&R finally got the memo that they need active villains and psychos, but I hope it’s not an overcorrection. The early 2010s were a deeply unpleasant time for this show. (All that said, this is the most interesting set of Y&R spoilers in many years. Whether or not they’ll somehow play as flat on screen is the question.)

Is Leigh-Ann Rose (Imani) on contract?

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It will be interesting to see this plays out. Phyllis is already losing it and on the verge of a complete breakdown while  Chelsea is definitely emotionally unmoored but hasn’t gone completely off the rails yet. 

I wasn’t sure if the show was going to keep Ashland around or not but I hadn’t heard any news that Newman is leaving yet but it’s nice to at least have a snake in the grass villain in town again. 

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