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Belle starts to wonder why Bonnie is nervous when Claire is around Shawn.

Claire says "dada" to Shawn.

We will learn Tek has a violent past.

Claire has a relapse and Belle interrupts Shawn and Mimi's honeymoon because of it (Shades of Sami, huh)?

Shawn finally learns Claire is his, by either Belle or Victor. He dumps Mimi, and he and Belle quicky get engaged. Bonnie then tries to set Mimi up with Philip.

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I don't think that's how it will go. Clearly, it will go like this....

- The truth will come out about Claire's paternity in the summer sometime.

- Belle will confess that she wants to be with Shawn and Claire.

- Shawn will decide to stay by his wife, Mimi.

- Five months later, the truth will come out about Mimi.

- Shawn and Belle re-unite.

- Mimi will end up pregnant by some miracle, causing a rift between Shelle.

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