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Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella

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Allegedly, securing the music rights was one of the issues.

Judging from Brandy's earliest tweets on the matter, Disney temporarily forgot how popular this particular screen adaptation once was, but soon got to work to bring it to Disney+.


Of course, everybody's doing the video streamed reunion these days.


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Tensions between Whitney and Brandy's record labels in the 90's also meant that a soundtrack never got an official release for this. Clive/Arista were pushing for it, but Brandy being a teen idol and more "cotemporary" at that stage of her career, her label (then Atlantic) felt it wasn't the right move to have it as an official part of her discography. 



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I just got done rewatching this and it brought back so much nostalgia. OMG the music is just divine I adore every song sung. I haven’t seen this film since the late 2000s and what a pleasure it was.  Glad it finally has a streaming home now.

Loved watching that zoom reunion too, real ensembles are missed by this fan. The film industry would be a better place if more films were cast like Cinderella and Hamilton. Happy the cast got to have these moments. Rest I’m power Whitney and Natalie!!!


Brandy did a Medley of some of the songs with appearances from the cast. Her voice has grown a lot since 1997.




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