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Taggert was a good antagonist to Sonny and Jason back in the day. I don't like that that element is going away in favor of him working with them. Which law enforcement character on the show doesn't give them a pass at this point?

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46 minutes ago, KMan101 said:

Mo probably demanded it. Everyone has to love and prop Sonny.

I don’t know about that. He always comes more alive in scenes when he has a worthy acting partner that is adversarial.


i do think he always wants Sonny to win though.  He certainly would not be in favor of an antagonist getting the best of Sonny in any sort of real way and also dominating the canvas.

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Maura West did fantastic work in the aftermath of her portrait reveal: Her diva-ish freak out, talking to Franco about her loneliness, confronting Nikolas, their argument turning to passion. She had tons of chemistry there with Marcus Coloma.


Too bad the show failed to create any kind of atmosphere around the party. No sense of occasion, mood. Just dead. And extra bad that Hartley's gone already. How long as Sam's face been like this?


Well, at least we have Sonny who has made "a lot of progress with, you know, HIV and age."



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