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Celebrities on Soaps

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Seeing those clips of B-52's on Guiding Light prompted me to start this topic.


The whole celebrity guest thing took hold in the early 80's, whether it be musical acts performing, celebs playing themselves or in limited 'guest star' appearances.


Let us know who you recall...


Being a soap history nerd I'll start with two that pre dated the trend.


Love of Life

Sammy Davis Jnr performed at Rick Latimer's club. Sammy was a big LOL fan at the time.


General Hospital

Mamie Van Doren as herself. I never saw this but apparently Lesley's husband Cameron arranged for Miss Van Doren to meet young Laura. What 12 yr old in the mid 70's didn't dream of meeting a 50's b movie starlet?


Mamie on GH kinda plays into the fact that with a few exceptions, a lot of the celeb guests were strictly second tier - musicians and actors slightly past their prime...


Image result for sammy davis jnr love of lifeVanDoren_zps88340b72.jpg

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