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That Ashley Parker piece is beyond sad. This is such a hivemind, determined to foist their view onto the public no matter what. 


Speaking of agendas, I saw someone, maybe "Hotline Josh," claiming that Democrats should be happy about the voter suppression bills because they will spike turnout. I hate this type of "clever" Beltway thinking. So manipulative.

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Hotline Josh is verging on the Halperin fringe at this point, but yes he and Politico did push that and are getting widely roasted for it, as I noted.


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Yglesias has been drifting further and further towards contrarianism and whining about cancel culture, but I don't agree with him that this stunt is going to work much with the larger public anymore than the caravan did.

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Posted (edited)
25 minutes ago, DRW50 said:

The Beltway laps this [!@#$%^&*] up every time.



I heard all this before about the caravan. And all you had to do was watch that press conference yesterday to know how out of touch the press is. I mean questions about Biden running in 2024. Who cares right now. And 2 months into his presidency - will Harris be his running mate. Are you kidding me. The top 3 issues, COVID, The Economy, and Schools the 3 things that are on the mind of most people was not even touched. Disgraceful.


I listened to that podcast with Ezra Klein and Kristin Soltis Anderson and I would suggest listening to it. It will diminish how much anyone across the country especially republicans care about the beltway press or listens to them. One of her biggest points was people have to stop thinking social media / twitter is real life. It's not.


And by the way democrats never do this? That state rep in Georgia, Rep Canon, certainly knew what she was doing yesterday and her video went viral and I am guessing was all over the news also. No one is interested in seeing 18 fatcats yapping at the border right now - maybe the diehards.

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Honestly, Todd and to a lesser extent Karl and others have gotten such relentless pressure in the last year or two that I wonder how long it will go before a change is finally made. I don't expect the Beltway to ever give up on bothsides journalism completely. But I do think the social media feedback loop has become a real force in the last half-decade especially that they can't ignore it forever as they used to. Look how many journos backpedal on Twitter regularly, and how often the NYT, etc. is forced to change shitty headline ledes.

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I saw comments from before this ever started that the bill is going to have a hard time with the House for reasons like the above. I guess we'll see what happens. 

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