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The Media/Journalism Thread

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Bari Weiss has stepped in it again. I wonder if this one will make her still somewhat mainstream media friends (like Olivia Nuzzi, a socialite fascist enabler who will be on Fox News in the next ten years like so many others before her) turn tail:



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Twitter is mostly down right now, but Weiss was also cheerleading for the loathsome Amy Chua (whose husband is an alleged predator and who also allegedly helped find attractive young female clerks for Brett Kavanaugh). 




I don't know if anyone outside of other grifters has any respect for her now, but if they do, they are damn fools. 


You probably already saw it but Politico was working hard yesterday trying to drive more of a wedge between AOC and Pelosi (I didn't see much response from any of them - I suppose at this point AOC being nearly as loathed by the dead-end left as Pelosi is makes conflict less likely) and also cheering loathsome Joe Scarborough for berating Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney about "defund the police" (he blew up after Maloney rightfully dismissed that as a talking point).

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We regret to inform you Nate Cohn has done it again:



The original thread is worth reading to see Cohn, like another proud Nate before him, dig an even deeper hole for themselves by replying to people and saying 'ahhh you see, these replies mean Democrats COULD become Republicans at some future date!'

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Cohn is struggling:




And this one, I just can't follow at all:



And yet more:



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I was in disbelief over that Nate Cohn nonsense, @Vee . There's nothing worse than pundits who think they have come up with a very Clever commentary (in this case...both sides bad), then keep tripling down at any sign of criticism. These people have such a wide audience, their stubbornness and posturing has dangerous consequences. 


Speaking of that, Nate Silver has been desperately crusading for days over "proof" of the public rejecting vaccines due to the J&J pause. He has now been reduced to anecdotal evidence. 



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Good lord. That's like the old Charlie Kirk(?) coffee shop liberals meme.

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