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Stelter is once again getting ratioed.


The push by seemingly moderate or well-meaning and almost entirely white journalists to create a 'liberals are too cautious about/addicted to the pandemic' is an attempt to create a new #BothSides framework on this topic. The Beltway and cable media are deeply uncomfortable with not having an equal sides synergy to apply to the current status quo with the GOP and the right hosting antivaxxers and unsafe people in the pandemic, so they are pushing the unsupportable idea that on the other side, the left and Democrats are 'too cautious' and 'want to keep it going'.


It's also very much about privileged, well-heeled pundits who are either already vaxxed or in blue states or both wanting to move on and go back to brunch already, and are impatient with the rest of us.

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The Beltway types have been pushing this narrative for a year now, sped up even more when they feverishly tried to make this a wedge issue for Biden before settling on border hysteria. I saw Seth Mandel, the right winger who is an enabler of his hatemonger wife (who said she was fine with killing old people in order for her kids to be in school), using this article to claim people who are cautious about reopening are just like Tucker Carlson.


And the statistics are BS too.



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Now that the increasingly self-decimating deadend/grifter left is obsessing over Ryan Knight wearing a "Medicare 4 All" beret that makes him look like he reenacts Shirley Temple movies for tiktok, here's another reminder of the allegations that he invented stories about a sick dog to steal money from followers.



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