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FX Pose - **Spoliers if you're not up to date**


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That was a good premiere.


1994 is the year. The music was STILL on point (and yay for Rupaul and Shanice). And there was a clear direction as well as pacing. It was such a premiere.


What I liked and was surprised with was that they took advantage of this time jump to throw in some great twist as well as some interesting developments for a lot of the main AND supporting characters. If this is the last season, I wan to be sure that EVERYONE is okay. Not unlike GoT's last season where they had to wrap up so many characters. I hope it ends here better though.


What I felt that Season 2 did not have that Season 1 had was an antagonist. Of course, we all want Elektra to be developed to the point where you cannot just call her the villain. So they needed one. I loved the choice of who they picked. And it made sense who was picked. 


I did not like the death. Of course you all know me well enough to know I won't spoil it yet...but just like Candy since it's someone known I feel a kinda way. When you watch characters' grow, you feel a way when something bad happens to them.


I loved how they were all in different places or there are cracks in their relationships and how they either come together or are slowly coming together. 


Finally a House vs House IN THE FIRST EPISODE!!! Great.


A great mix of drama, comedy, one liners, and sad moments.


Great opener.


Onto Episode 2...

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Why did the first series about trans women become the Billy Potter show? He is always overacting. The scene with the House of Khan boy saying goodbye to his friend in the hospital room touched me ten thousand times more than BP obsessing to get his Emmy in every single scene.

I don't like that a rather realistic show became another naive Ryan Murphy fantasy like "Hollywood". Not to mention that sometimes I feel as though I am watching a very bad straight to video movie at 3 a.m. Especially during the very dramatic scenes with Papi. 

Dominique, Indya, MJ and even Angelica are "Pose".  Season 1 was iconic, after that TPTB decided that only the message (or the lecture) is important, characters and story not so much.

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Now Episode 2...


...that had a HINT of rush to it.


It still flowed beautifully...just not as much as Episode 1.


And again...it was great to see another House vs House. And En Vogue at that. Not to mention Janet Jackson. Again, Music was on point. 


And then the episode closed out with Mariah Carey.


That intervention for Pray Tell was this year's Dinner Party from Hell and the reads were fast and furious. 


And next week...THE TRUNK...

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