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Soap Families Who Actually Look Related

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Genetics can be odd, and I personally don’t look at all like my sisters, but it’s always nice when actors who play family members share *some* resemblance. Just watched Hunter Tylo and Jacqueline Macinnes Wood as mother/daughter on B&B, and of course they favor each other right down to the surgically enhanced sharply carved cheekbones. Which other soap relatives have been particularly well-cast, beyond just mere passing similarity?


Y&R: I watched some ‘80s episodes, and Terry Lester really, really looked like a young Jerry Douglas to me. Peter Bergman not so much. (If Terry Lester were alive and still playing Jack, this current Abbott paternity mess would be that much harder to buy.)


AMC: Susan Lucci and Alicia Minshew looked a lot like mother and daughter, much more than SL and SMG. Actually all of the surviving Kane women looked like a family.


GH: Jason and A.J. were only half-brothers, but man did Steve Burton and Sean Kanan look similar.


Oh and this:







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I think Katherine Kelly Lang and Justin Torkildsen looked a lot like mother and son when he was playing Rick on B&B.


On the other side of the scale was Kyle Lowder, who was completely miscast in terms of appearance. He resembled neither KKL nor John McCook, his on-screen parents.

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I never thought Eden Riegel was a good match for Susan Lucci besides the coloring. But Alicia Minshew was a great match, she was like a taller version of SL. Not that every child is a clone of their parent, I just didn't get ER's appeal but I came to tolerate her.




Unlike whatsherface VR and Davetta looked like mother and daughter and played so well off of each other.




And I think all of Viki's daughters (sans Jessica Tuck) looked a lot like her. Melissa Archer and Erin Torpey both looked like each other and Erika Slezak. Saucer-like eyes and little up-turned noses. They also resembled, MA in particular (which worked great for the story and Natalie's characterization), Andrea Evans' Tina.




John Hensley and Agim Kaba, besides being beautiful, beautiful, could totally pass for father and son.




And I always thought Kristina Sisco and Lesli Kay looked so much alike as Abigail and Molly on ATWT. I can't find a good screencap of them together besides this one but the resemblance was uncanny. Such good casting there.



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GH: The Davis Girls. Sam, Molly, Kristina. They all look like they could really be sisters. NLG looks like their mom. 


Julian and Lucas as well...Really do look like father and son. 

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5 minutes ago, dragonflies said:

Someone mentioned Steve Burton & Sean Kanan, they are distant cousins, but yeah they do look like they could really be brothers






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I always thought the kid who played young Jack on OLTL, Carmen LoPorto, was great casting as Roger Howarth's kid. Unfortunately they were never on screen together and they recast him with the block of wood before RH returned.

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I always thought Collin O'Donnell not only had great chemistry with Peter Reckell but looked like him as well.




I haven't seen him in years, but a more recent photo shows he certainly could have worked as grown-up Shawn D.



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Jess Walton & David Tom was fantastic casting.

Adrianne Leon looks like both Don Diamont & Beth Maitland.

Heather Tom & Josh Morrow are good matches for Eric Braeden

Terry Lester & Jerry Douglas looked like father & son

Doug Davidson & Vail Bloom worked well together.

MTS & Roberta Leighton looked like sisters as do Beth Maitland & Eileen Davidson.

Susan Seaforth Hayes, Blair Redford as Tracey Bregman's mother & son was good casting

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