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GH: Actress Takes a leave again

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7 minutes ago, dio said:

i'd say at this point it's clear she has the same deal AG had, but showrunners don't want to give any of the other actors ideas and are framing it like this. LOL


Uh..... sure, dude, go with that.

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10 hours ago, Khan said:

I feel sorry for that girl.  I really do.

Me too. I think her onscreen work has been fine, so I think it's ok that they keep giving her chances. It's not like this is a pivotal role and maybe work is part of what's motivating her to keep trying to get better.

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1 hour ago, Gray Bunny said:

I bet DAYS would snatch her up at this point... 


Only to have her go on a break? lol But I bet they would. I feel like Kirsten would see going back to DAYS as a step backward. IDK I just felt like she couldn't get away from DAYS fast enough. Not that I often blame younger actors for running from the show screaming and desperate for a better gig ...

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