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GH: Actress Takes a leave again

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7 hours ago, slick jones said:

Glad to hear it's just the flu.

I wonder...shows don't usually recast just because an actor has the flu--or do they?  I don't watch GH so not sure if she is a major story at the moment.  She was anorexic for awhile it appeared, then she had acne (I think) now she has the flu??  I think KS has issues, but the show keeps her on...so I could be wrong?

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    • I saw some of it. As for Dex/Trina, I think I need to see more of them, especially in an uninterrupted episode  Please register in order to view this content I have a feeling that Joss is going to end up cheating on Cam with Dex, so we'll see what happens. I just hope it's written as it should be: Joss as the villain and not Cam. I still like both Sprina and Rorina, but to me, it seems like both pairings have kind of stalled out in the last week or two. I was hoping Sprina would finally have their first kiss after their testimonies, but we got nothing. Same thing with Chase/Brooklyn: nothing. It's like the writers want to drag it out further but have no idea what to do with any of the pairings right now. IMO, it hasn't really been a good summer for GH. Or for any of these couplings.
    • My favorite part of this clip is Beth and Reva comparing notes on coming back from the dead with amnesia as a form of small talk at what looks like the Bauer BBQ. Please register in order to view this content
    • I enjoyed today's show. I thought there was some nice soapy/dilemmas being faced today by different characters. Portia and Curtis had to deal with the potential consequences of trying to wake Oz and trying to figure out how to get past Rory/Jordan to do so. I also liked Spencer having to deal with whether or not he should take the deal Martin arranged for him, (going back to Spring Ridge for 10 days or taking three months in Pentonville.) On the surface it seems like a good choice, but in a way, I can understand why Spencer would want to cover for Victor. Victor for all his faults, does genuinely seem to care for Spencer and has tried to help him as much as he could. (Regardless of his methods). Victor is the type of person that may always try and help Spencer whenever he gets into trouble. So, I could see how Spencer might be trying to look at the big picture and protect him. I hope that Spencer doesn't really end up in jail, even though he signed the documents to go to Pentonville today. I also hope that Trina doesn't go to jail either. Though I do wonder if they may actually do a storyline where her and Spencer end up in jail together like Shawn and Alexis did. I hope not, but you never know. I also liked Jordan asking Rory if his feelings for Trina will interfere with his assignment of guarding Oz. I thought that was interesting as well. I also liked Trina's interaction with Dex. It was pleasant and I think they have chemistry together.  Did you get to see Trina's/interaction with Dex? I think they have nice chemistry/spark together. Dex was giving her some looks. I am interested in hearing your thoughts about their interaction (whenever you see it), because you also like both Sprina and Rorina like I do. Rorina gets a lot of backlash on Twitter, but there are those of us on various sites that like both pairings. Might have to act Dex/Trina to the mix too, lol, though I do believe the show will probably do something with him and Joss. (And I wonder how Cam will factor into things).
    • God, I hate the media in this country  Please register in order to view this content EDIT: GH is finally back on
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