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  1. Shannon Peace was the breakdown writer on today’s GH. Seems like she won a Disney/ ABC writing fellowship.
  2. Then there was the time that Reva went over the bridge after another romantic setback. They got a lot of flack about this because it happened around Christmas.
  3. I really enjoyed today’s episode. I learned some new info and the costumes were great. Brooke Kerr and Sydney Mikayla bring a very warm root-able presence to the show.
  4. Dave Rupel’s first script back at GH aired Wednesday.
  5. I agree, the show is pretty damned good ( with a few exceptions— I’m looking at you Peter)
  6. Two new writers credited on today’s GH. CJ Hoke was the breakdown writer and Lisa Seidman wrote the script.
  7. Didn’t know how to start a 2020 topic but GH listed two new writers today. CJ Hoke was the breakdown writer and Lisa Seidman wrote the script.
  8. Shelly Altman out of the GH credits today. O’Connor and Van Etten listed as Headwriters
  9. Lulu is dressed as Mary Poppins, Dustin is dressed as the Chimney Sweep.
  10. Hopefully he is killed which leads to a juicy whodunit. Virtually everyone would be a suspect.
  11. A new director was listed for General Hospital yesterday- Robert Markham.
  12. Sorry posted this in the wrong forum. Feel free to delete. A new director was listed for General Hospital yesterday- Robert Markham.
  13. I always loved this scene for many reasons. One was the totally in character and very different reactions from Kat and Bridget.
  14. Let's not forget when Ross Marler ran for office in the 90s and they had that special episode on Election Day.
  15. I have several of those DVDs that came out right after the show's cancellation for sale. 1. The Phillip Spaulding Collection- 5 episodes on 1 DVD 2. The Reva Shayne Collection- 5 episodes on 1 DVD 3. The Bauer Family Story- 10 episodes on 2 DVDs 4. 20 Classic Episodes on 4 DVDs includes: Great Weddings, Secrets and Scandals, Springfield Through the Years and Villians and Vixens Let me know if you're interested in purchasing. $20 Per DVD
  16. Money that could have been spent on keeping Genie Francis. This makes me sad.
  17. February sweeps starts at the end of next week i believe. I think we should all #boycottGH until Genie is reinstated. Ratings will plummet and Frank will get his ass canned.
  18. They listed breakdown and script writers and he and Katherine Shock were both missing from the list
  19. Looks like Christopher Whitesell is no longer at GH. His name was not in the year end crawl on Friday's episode.
  20. Jean Passanante not in today’s GH credits. Chris Van Etten was on the same title card as Shelly Altman. Also Tina Keller was listed as director. I think she’s new.
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