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"Murphy Brown" revival 2018

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1 hour ago, BetterForgotten said:

Unfortunately, I do feel the writing is letting this show down a bit. Something about that #MeToo episode felt ...off. 


Despite English being at the helm, there isn't that organic sensibility the earlier seasons had. 


One of the reviews said they felt like the episode was rushing through a checklist.


The Murphy and Avery relationship is the freshest part of the show. I hope they keep that a focus.

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It's interesting to see but I think that Grant Shaud has shown the least 'rust' where his character Miles is concerned.  His comedic timing is pretty on point and looks sharper with each episode.


'Murphy'/Candace seems at her best when she can verbally joust with someone.  In the original iteration, that could be with her co-workers where she could be fairly combative but obviously, you would expect some mellowing and growth, but the downside is that Murphy's feisty nature can go missing when the show really needs it.  

From this reboot, so far, I think her best moments were when she had a situation where she could put her combative nature to good effect-- e.g., when she faced off against Trump's tweets in the first episode, then when she snuck into the WHPC and ended up facing off against Huckabee Sanders in the 2nd.  Yes, that final speech in the WHPC was a bit preachy but it did feel consistent with who the character is and has always been.


I would've liked to have seen the #MeToo aspects done over multiple episodes instead of trying to resolve it in one episode.  I do agree with those who felt that the episode was rushed.  I could have been sort of a running joke for a few episodes (albeit a bit of dark humor) to have Corky keep recalling episodes of harassment and disrespect as if she were reeling off a laundry list, the way she had been doing but don't confine it to one single episode.  I think the constraints of working within the sitcom format come into play.  The best way to handle this would've been to spread the story out over multiple episodes but I wonder whether there would've been network resistance to this (for obvious reasons).

Still, I did appreciate the attempt to tackle the issue and I did like those scenes between Tyne Daly and Candace Bergman.


Another positive aspect is that it seems like the young characters are holding their own.  They have good timing in their delivery and I'm seeing good interplay between the young tech guy and Frank and Avery seems to fit in with the rest of the cast.  The relationship and the aspect of Frank, Corky and Miles knowing Avery all his life seems believable. Also, I agree that the relationship between Murphy and Avery feels like the kind of relationship that you'd expect between Murphy and her grown son.


But people are right to note that things are not entirely cohesive where the dialogue and set up is concerned.  Also, I wanted Murphy to givethat drunk administrative assistant her a card and tell the young lady to take her a*s to AA. Especially considering Murphy's history, I wouldn't expect her to just passively look on in horror.

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DD, I think you mean Avery, not Bailey.


I think Faith Ford is being wasted. Updating her character is probably the biggest challenge, given that Corky was brought on as the ingenue with the shallower outlook and stories; the Deborah Norville to Murphy's Jane Pauley. That's harder to write for and play when you're in your early fifties (??) and you're now Jane Pauley. 

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Catching up on two weeks of this due to work with the Sarah Sanders episode:

I liked that the show acknowledged that Murphy's big moment was myopic and grandstanding. She was right, but that wasn't relevant to the realities of the situation. It was right to take her down a peg both in the press room and with Avery.


Call me silly, but everything with everyone getting goofed on for being old still cracks me up - as did Murphy's drunk millennial secretary who reminded me way too much of the Gawker Media journos. And Pat's lines hit home, lol: "If this [van] has a supply of ramen, I'm giving my six roommates my notice tonight!" Frank's aging confusion and Miles' psychosexual stuff also crack me up.


The show walks a line between cartoonish wish fulfillment and valid messaging/fulfillment. It's far from perfect but I think it's more on point than it's given credit for. And frankly, broad or not I think it's needed and filling an important void. I do not think you can ever separate the politics from MB nor should you. They are essential to the show and always will be. If that means it lands broad sometimes, oh well. It's not like we don't live in broad times.


Meanwhile, I never did finish the first season of Greenleaf (and should) but I like Merle Dandridge a lot, so I'm pleased to see her coming aboard:



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It was WONDERFUL to see Jim Dial/Charles Kimbrough again!  Yes, it was just for one scene, but they made it count.

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And he was right: you just don't give airtime to someone who thinks "Tom Hanks is running a shadow government."

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Still catching up: Really liked the #MurphyToo episode. Was it too brief - yes. I'd have liked to see the arc play out throughout the season, but MB is not really from an era of arcs and didn't do them often. For what it was, I felt the scenes with Murphy, Avery and the legendary Harris Yulin (is he really that frail now or was it being played up for the role?) were very good. And way too close to home for me with some members of my own family and their experiences.


The B-plot stuff with Frank, Miles, etc. cracked me up. I'm easy.

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I still have to catch up on the last couple of episodes. I know, I'm a bad fan. LOL.


I totally understand why they'd give Candice/Murphy the #MeToo episode, but wouldn't it have organically worked better with Corky? Giving Faith Ford something to actually do? But I haven't seen the #MeToo episode and I tried to skip over comments about it so I can see it for myself.


I think all of you have said what I feel though for the most part. The Murphy/Avery relationship feels the freshest and most interesting. Frank, Corky and Miles are mostly wasted. Tyne Daly is a solid addition and Phyllis serves the Phil role well. The show feels like it should, but I agree the writing is a tad ... off? But like Roseanne last season I just think it needs to find it's groove again. It's a little rusty here and there.


I think this should have been a CBS All Access original, personally, though If I were CBS I'd have put it back on primetime too. But who knows what will happen?

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I loved the episode Thursday, they hit the nail on the head with everything Murphy said and when she chewed that guy up and spit him out was vintage Murphy. The look on his face when he slunk away was perfection lol


I swear Grant Shaud gets funnier each episode and it was great seeing Jim!!!!

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    • I would be willing to bet that Cady is determined to be there for them if they need her, as long as her schedule & theirs matches up & that's the case with everybody & the only reason any more for people to pursue contracts, it seems. I feel like I like all the parties involved & as long as they're each happy, it's not broken so why worry to fix it? I'm still on edge to find out what else is going to happen to Jennifer Rose this week!!
    • After Cricket's awkward dance, Danny said, "Wow! I've never seen moves like that in my life!"  (I don't think ANY of us had seen anything quite like that before, lol.)  
    • I really appreciate your opinion and take as a Jennifer fan.  I never thought Missy was a bad actress.  I just couldn't recall any particular highs or lows in her acting.  It was very clear MR was so much of Jennifer especially when Stephanie Cameron took over.  The spark was entirely gone with Jen and I am probably the only one that doesn't think SC was horrible.  She just wasn't Jen. I also find your take on wanting Jennifer regardless really nice.  I don't think I would want my favorites recast at all.  I would rather have my actress and my character or not bother.  It's great as a huge fan you can still see past that because I am too petty for that lol. Saying all that, I have never really taken to Cady in any role.  I found Dixie the most annoying, but I can appreciate her talent.  So that could completely cloud my judgement.  The bottom line is Cady as Jennifer is very low on the list with my problems on Days.  I just find her acting very uneven a lot.
    • As a huge Jennifer fan lol, I can only recall Missy really letting Jenn lose it after the bridge blew up and JT fell out of her car during May Sweeps 2001.  She was wild with grief in scenes with Matt Ashford and she & Kris Alfonso did great work when Hope absolutely railed on Jenn. I don’t think Missy is a bad actress—I think she actually makes a lot of really purposeful choices and one of those is to keep Jenn really grounded.  I know some people think it’s a lack of interest, but I think she brings this super haunted, quiet tragic aspect to Jenn, which nicely contrasts her bubbly effervescence (which I know also bugs some people at her age).  And, ya, playing her off and on for 27 years (since she was so young and opposite all the show’s heavy hitters) has really blurred the lines between Missy and Jenn, too obviously.  But I appreciate her subtlety; daytime is filled with actors who lean heavily into histrionics, including this show’s two most acclaimed actresses, Mary Beth and Judi Evans (who I absolutely both love, esp. JE!). I will always want Missy (despite my opinions on HER public opinions), but I want JENN… so I’d be thrilled for Cady to sign a deal if it means we’ll have Jenn full time.
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