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The Avengers: Infinity War


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Generally speaking it was a good movie but I was annoyed with the lack of screen time with regard to the Wakanda arc (Black Panther IMO was  wasted and it felt like the directors didn't know what to do with him.  But I get it . . . . by the time Infinity War wrapped, Black Panther had not been released and NO ONE knew what an ABSOLUTE BEAST the BP movie would be or how moviegoers would feel about Black Panther specifically). I also feel Captain America, Black Widow and Bucky (especially Bucky) got the shaft in terms of screen time.  Now, I understand with a movie of this size some characters would get a bit sidelined.


I liked the combo of Tony Stark and Doctor Strange.  And Tony Stark and Peter Parker.  I really like Iron Man.


I ADORED Thor!  IMO he was the movie's MVP.  But the arc of him getting the axe dragged  a wee bit.  I need to read up on Peter Dinklage's character.


Unpopular Opinion--- there was too much emphasis on the Guardians of the Galaxy for my liking, but Again I get it -- Thanos was CRUCIAL to Gamora's arc.  I do like Nebula and Drax.


I need to see this movie again.  Maybe I'd like it a bit more.  Regardless, I intend to see Avengers 4.


I am excited about Captain Marvel.  I know NOTHING about her!


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I'm not really an MCU/Avengers/GOTG fan - I think most of the movies are just okay, however, I thought the last three MCU movies Thor: Ragnarok, Blank Panther, and Avengers: Infinity War were pretty damn good.  Infinity War is definitely my favourite MCU movie.  I liked how the movie was darker and had more emotion (which I find missing in a lot of the MCU movies).  The battle scenes were fantastic. 



Loved Thanos!  It was pretty much a Thanos movie than anything else and I'm fine with that because I think he's the best villain that I've seen from the MCU movies.   I didn't really care for Thor before Rangarok and now he's my favourite Avenger.  His scenes on the GOTG ship were hilarious.  



Really looking forward to next year's conclusion.  I'm definitely more excited to see that movie than I was going into Infinity War. 

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