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Dancing with the Stars: Discussion Thread

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17 hours ago, Soapsuds said:

I saw about 5 minutes of it and changed it. It's always the same....the judges already have their pets and who they want to win.

Soapsuds, do you want Dancing with the Stars to get cancelled by ABC?  I can't say that the network owns the show.

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  • 11 months later...

Damn...going to have to watch this season ......


John Schneider...Dukes of Hazzard

Juan Pablo Di Pace from Dallas....yummmmm

Mary Lou......

And Nancy McKeon....Facts of Life.....

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Awesome cast!


Juan Pablo is likely the favourite. He's had some slick dance moves on Fuller House. I was pleasantly surprised to see Nancy McKeon there, and it made me recall the ballroom dancing episode of Facts of Life :) .


Having Mary Lou is a bonus.


Looking forward to this season.

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1 hour ago, dragonflies said:

Gawd he's freaking hot! 

When even Len said his junk was hot.......I almost fell off my chair.....LOL.....but it was such a true statement.

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The junior cast seems way more interesting. Tripp Palin, Honey Boo Boo, Little Jake from GH, Stevie Wonder and Scottie Pippen’s kids, et al.


Val, Mandy Moore, and Adam Rippon are the judges. Jordan Fisher and Frankie Muniz are the hosts.

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This show just can't stop giving the Palins checks. I guess this is part of ABC's attempt to shore up right wing support. Good luck with that.

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So watched Juan Pablo's piece on how he was treated badly by his classmates because he was different. So I wonder is he ummm....gay? Lawd if he is.....just Lawd........

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