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Roger Moore (007, The Saint) has passed away


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He was my first Bond and I have a lot of cheesy, fun memories of watching his movies as a kid. His comic timing and suave ways feels a bit closer to present day than it did for the times, I think. 


He also had a hilarious interview with Dame Edna that I couldn't find in full but enjoyed a great deal.





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He was always a lot of fun, even when the movies were silly cheese. They were generally fun too. I like to watch them now as a ride through Bond's wildest excesses, but some are genuinely good.

I'll have to dig up that link with excerpts of his diaries from the set of Live and Let Die.


He always did crack me up in interviews, too. On Daniel Craig:



I thought his action was quite extraordinary—he did more action in the first 30 seconds of the film than I did in 14 years of playing Bond. To me, he looks like a killer. He looks as though he knows what he’s doing. I look as though I might cheat at backgammon.

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Channel 9 out of Secaucus, New Jersey used to show reruns of "The Saint" in the 90s. So that was my first real exposure to Roger Moore, as we didn't go see the James Bond movies. (Yes since then I've seen some of them, but not growing up.) I agree with all of you in regards to his sense of fun.

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