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Y&R: March 2016 Discussion Thread

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Sorry to bump the thread, but I just caught up on March. Not a lot to say, but will say this...


A Martinez's daughter was okay, but the story has to go. Thank God Sag is almost done. 

Mariah just started to appear after no episodes. She is a welcome break.

Summer not having Phyllis' back boggles me, and her constant "Grandpa's are getting on my last nerve.

JT is doing a good job as Billy. At least he looks alive again.

Nikki's drinking is tired. She needs better story. I remember a preview of her moving in with Dullan/Sharon


Victor's rantings and disowning his family...they are all better off...

Queen Michael should get a job as a barrista...LOL

As for the Chancellor Mansion...FU JFP...horrible!


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