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EJ's obsession with Sami is why this makes so much sense. He has spent almost a decade idealizing and builting up in his head this unrealistic notion that if he could just beat Lucas and Rafe and "score" Sami long term, the broken pieces of his life would fall into place and he'd finally be happy. Now that he's finally gotten really close, it's unraveling. His fantasies that he and Sami are soul mates, that she can accept him and his deeds, and that being in a happy long term relationship with him will transform Sami and make her compliant to his whims and wishes (and never ask questions) and responsible (like not dumping bodies in the river with tons of witnesses and no alibi) have all been shattered. It's become painfully obvious that all they have is sexual chemistry and now that Sami has taken sex off the table, there is little left that's worth having. That's a stark realization for EJ, one he doesn't want to face.

As for Abby, if EJ is going to stray, she's the perfect choice because of her demeanor. It's a pretty common scenario. Successful guy in his late 30s or early 40s is married or close to it but not happy in the relationship. Things with the girlfriend/fiancee/wife are too complicated, too difficult, or just too asexual at the moment so they get what they need somewhere else. It's quite common for somewhere else to be a pretty young woman in her early 20s. Young milquetoasts stroke their ego, they laugh at all their jokes, listen attentively to their stories, and they don't yell and make demands. At least not at first. That's what he's craving right now: sex and positive reinforcement from someone he perceives as simple and uncomplicated.

A redo of the Taylor mess would be a plot contrivance. There is nothing in this scenario that is out of character for EJ or Abby.

EJ is fickle. Look how fast he downshifted from Sami to Nicole to Sami to Nicole to Taylor and back to Sami. Even his obsession with Sami is fickle given how frequently he swings back and forth between love and hate, conquer and destroy. The depth of his obsession never changes but the tone and feelings are ever-shifting. After so much drama and difficulty, I don't think it's the slightest bit out of character for a man with as big an ego as EJ's to get himself some sex because his fiancee ain't putting out anymore. Listen to some of his arguments with Sami lately. He clearly doesn't understand that in a real relationship sex isn't going to happen or be mutually satisfying when there are huge issues hanging over their heads. All he knows is that Sami "owes" him sex and isn't giving it and he's mad and resentful about it. Not a surprising attitude from a rapist who got his victim to agree to marry him. Given his sense of entitlement, it would be even more in character for EJ to rape Sami during one of these knock down drag out fights of theirs. That's who he is: an egotistical rapist who takes what he wants by deception or force when it isn't handed to him on a silver platter. As someone up-thread said, the fact that this encounter with Abby apparently doesn't involve a gun being put to her head is a step in the right direction for EJ.

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Can I just throw in how thrilled I am that the big controversy and fuss driving this show right now is a man cheating on his fiancee? After years of ridiculous, OTT, and often mock-worthy plot contrivances from DAYS, it's so refreshing to see that we're finally at a point where something this simple and real is what gets people talking.

And yes, this is totally in character for both EJ and Abby. It's also nice that it doesn't have to be spelt out for us. I'm glad that this show finally assumes its viewers have a modicum of intelligence (though some EJami stans are kinda disproving that theory but...)

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