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  1. True, this has been going on for a long time and isn't confined to soaps. This isn't even the first time it's happened to Wright. Good for her, this crap has to stop.
  2. I felt the same way BUT that was the beauty of it. NOBODY responded the way Trumpers do. Notice Obama only asked them to stop interrupting while Trump demands they be assaulted and thrown out. They crowd didn't lay a hand on the person or even grab their sign. They just held up their signs to cover his and chanted Hillary's name. No one is going to get to claim that the Trump protestor (who BTW was a person of color) got abused. Really? *sighs* I don't get how any minority can support him. Plz don't tell me he was Black... He was but, many are getting paid. Trump benefactors are paying anywhere from $1000 to $5000 to people who interrupt Clinton rallies, especially if they wave certain signs or wear "Bill's a rapist" t-shirts. So, it might've just been a job for him. Arianne Zucker has given an interview to Anderson Cooper.
  3. This has been brought up. Voting has already started, ballots printed. No way can they replace him on the ballot now. Actually, they can replace him at any point up until election day. For major party candidates, the name on the ballot is largely irrelevant. People are technically voting for the party's electors in that state, not the candidate themselves. If Trump were to step down (he must step down, the party can't rescind the nomination once it's been awarded), the RNC would choose a new nominee. They don't have to choose Pence or any of the people who were in the primaries. They can choose any registered Republican willing to do it. They could try to distance themselves from Trump by going with someone like Kasich, Romney or Jeb Bush, none of whom ever endorsed him. They would try to change the names on the ballots by election day but, if they can't, it doesn't matter. Any votes cast under Trump's name (like on absentee ballots that have already been sent out) would go to the new Republican nominee.
  4. Rick Springfield made another appearance on tonight's True Detective. His character, a corrupt psychiatrist who does all kinds of unsavory 'favors' for wealthy patients, literally had the snot beat out of him by Colin Farrell's character, who is trying to solve the murder of one of Springfield's clients and a woman he was acquainted with who disappeared without a trace. Saundra Santiago (Carmen Santos, Guiding Light; Carlotta Vega #2, One Life To Live) also appeared as the mother of Taylor Kitsch's character's pregnant fiancee.
  5. It's a movie called 'Southside with You', a romantic comedy/drama about Michelle and Barack Obama's first date back in 1989. The whole movie is supposed to take place over that one date, kind of like 'Before Sunrise'.
  6. Apparently the show had to cut his hair for the scene and now the clippings are being sold for charity and can be yours for just $750 (there are also signed guitars for $1500, probably a much better deal): http://stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com/2015/06/29/rick-springfield-cuts-hair-for-true-dectective-puts-locks-on-sale The article has a pic of him in the show's makeup chair and it's pretty obvious that after the pic was taken, they trowled on the orange fake tan makeup that makes him look so odd in the scene.
  7. Tonight's episode of 'True Detective' featured Rick Springfield (Dr. Noah Drake, GH), Jon Lindstrom (Ryan Chamberlin & Kevin Collins, GH), and Ritchie Coster (Nate, Guiding Light). Springfield played the bizarre therapist to the season's sexual obsession riddled murder victim. His character also has ties to Rachel McAdam's character's cult leader father. The character seems inspired by Rob Lowe's creepy plastic surgeon character from "Behind the Candelabra". Lindstrom played a legitimate businessman perhaps unwisely playing hardball with Vince Vaughn's gangster-trying-to-go-straight character. Coster plays the hopelessly drunken mayor of the tiny corrupt city where this is all going down.
  8. It's not true, thankfully. http://variety.com/2015/film/news/henry-cavill-batman-v-superman-wont-be-split-into-two-films-1201400184/
  9. I really hope that the rumor that she is Episode VII's Dark Lord of the Sith is true. She is one of the few women who can totally embody badass without looking like she's straining or playing dress-up.
  10. Rigg is nominated in the guest actress in a drama series category.
  11. It felt more like a mid-season finale than an actual season finale but I liked it anyway. The vibe, atmosphere, and pacing of this show alone are good enough to keep be watching.
  12. I really wanted to like it but found it meh. It's not terrible but it's not compelling either. So far, one of the lesser HBO offerings for sure.
  13. The season 4 trailer, which just debuted tonight: I prefer not to act like an undignified fangirl but OMG, OMG, OMG it looks awesome! Sorry about that. Carry on.
  14. I never had any doubt that Wheeler was passionate about soaps and GL but her incompetence and overestimation of her ability was just too vast for her good intentions to overcome. I had a few minor quibbles about the ending too but nothing major. I've put GL to rest for the most part but I do still kinda miss it even at it's worst. If nothing else, bitching about it online could be fun. I think the new production model could've worked if done well but they relied too much on Peapack itself and that made Springfield look like Hooterville. That was my biggest problem with it. The exteriors should've only been done when it fit what was going on instead of so many senseless scenes of people having random conversations in parking lots next to port-o-potties, on the side of the road, or on a little league baseball diamond just because they could. The four-walled sets they created were also way too small for handheld cameras to navigate properly.
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