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Guy Wilson (Soon to be Will, DOOL) hate

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He used the word Tranny and later realized it was wrong & apologized. However it seems from what Ive seen that certain Wilson/Chandler fans wont accept Guy and will always put him down.

What Guy tweeted was dumb and ignorant but he apologized and ro me it seemed siincere

For me it seems the hate on GW has gone into bullying. We have anti Guy Wilson Tumblr's

I think Fans dont realize what they do sometimes. Its sad

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Their actions are really sad. I don't care about twitter nonsense I think it helps breed stupidity and I don't think we all need instant contact with these people.

I feel bad for him. He better hope he can act or he's unfortunately going to get roasted.

I do think its somewhat crappy they couldn't do a Wilson wedding with Chandler in the role but why is the show so determined to have them as a middle aged married couple?

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Well I just shared it because this has bothered me for quite a while actually.

These fans are talking equality, anti bullying, love etc but what they do to Guy is Bullying, and hate. I mean some of those comments. There are fans going thru his two year of tweets looking for something to slam him on.

Its very hypocritical. I feel that if Chandler or Freddie had made a ignorant comment but then sincerly apologized they would be given more benefit of the doubt

A lot of this anger comes from fans believing Chandler was FIRED. He wasnt. He even admitted he asked to leave early and Days said Ok when we find a new Will, u can exit.

Now maybe Chandler didnt think a replacement would be found so soon, but it was and that is what can happen when both decide to part ways early.

I feel certain fans would be aganist whoever won the role of Will. It just sucks that they have yet to see him as Will and are calling for him to be fired, boycotts and Days to be canceled.

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