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ALL: Spoilers

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Jerry takes Bobbie hostage

Emma sees an unwanted guest at the wedding

Maxie is swallowed by grief

Anna / Duke stop Dr O

Sam helps Spinelli

When Luke shoots Faison's he's wearing a bullet proof vest


Ashley goes to the hospital

A model helps Summer with her modeling

Billy and Kelly bond

Jill celebrates Thanksgiving with Kevin, Chloe and Esther

Noah admits to Sharon that he is upset that Victor hired Kyle


Brady starts drinking again

Kristen returns in December for one episode

Rafe and Jordan kiss

Daniel and Jennifer have an awkward encounter

Nick wakes up while Sami, Kate, and Gabi try to drown him.

Sami leaves evidence behind


Hope helps Eric with Thanksgiving

Rick and Caroline get married

Bill adamantly refuses to give up his pursuit of Brooke

Aly's crush becomes obsessive

Sparks fly between Pam and Charlie


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