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OLTL: 4 new roles cast & update on another; Major soap vets cast

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Ron Raines! That's a shocker. I honestly thought Colleen Zenk would end up on a PP soap. I wish they'd hire her. I've always liked her.

Not crazy about his character's plain ass name though.

Paolo Seganti ... nice, but I've never been super excited over him.

Marnie Schulenberg was awful as Alison, no? Or was she liked, I barely remember her because I didn't watch much when she was playing the part.

EDIT: Anyone still having posting issues? It's getting annoying

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I didn't like either Seganti or Raines in their previous soap roles, so I'm not particularly excited by this news ... but I'll keep an open mind. I assume these roles are creations of the incoming headwriters rather than the previous ones?

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