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GH: Actor leaving

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I believe the NBA part is a joke. Not the leaving part. Brandon has always had a good sense of humor.

I started watching GH because of him. I came across a scene of him as Johnny when I was flipping through channels one night at 3am...He drew me in. So, I kept up watching GH.

I really think I'm done now. sad.png Not just because of him leaving. But, because of all the other exits. And, the newbies that RC seems to adore being in the foreground.

I'll watch certain characters' scenes on YT.

But, full episodes other than the NB is out for me.

Turning in my fan card. GH. I once loved you. But, you've become a shadow of your old self. The last 2 days proved that.

After the 50th it's gonna even be worse. Vets will leave.

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