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  1. Here's a crazy idea and maybe not for Pratt with Billy being fired and their looking for a replacement and rumored of a another plastic surgery what if both Adam mans Billy's faces get burned and Ian has their faces switched and Justin Hartley takes over the role of Billy and Ian screws with the Newman's and has Adam face returned to its original form and Michael Muhney returns as Adam. It would be a crazy storyline but JH looks more like an Abbott and MM is a split image of Eric Braiden and Victor Newman. Both of the best Adam's on this show and becoming rivals in the continuing Newman and Abbott rivalry
  2. Put all those characters I mentioned in a plane and crash it for all I care their all useless characters. The only characters I'd like to keep is the core family's Newmans, Abbotts along with characters like Jill, Neil, Michael, Lauren, Paul, Christene and a few others. having Forrester vets like Eric, Taylor, Felicia, Thorn, move over to the Y&R would create new storyline's as well as business storylines. I want to see Jabot vs Forrester in a battle of the titans
  3. Nope what the plan is to have Forrester Creations as a company on both shows as well as move some of the Forreser family members move to Y&R with cross overs when characters like Eric are needed on B&B. Characters who are badly used like Thorn, Felicia,Taylor,Bridget who get no storyline's move to Genoa City and mix it up with the Newman's and Abbott's. Keep the shows separate but have lots of cross overs. Having Victor vs Jack and Eric fight for power and even Eric and Jill could become a power couple or Victor and Jack go to war over Taylor, Nikki and Ashley over Thorn, Nick and Adam over Felicia. Lots of potential
  4. I care and want to see this show go back to its roots and stop with the stupidity
  5. Alright here is MY thoughts on how to fix this mess JFP and Chuck Pratt are making of this once great show. It will take for CBS and Sony to admit they are wrong and bring the Bell family back into the fold in running this show. 1. fire JFP and Chuck Pratt two of the worst soap executives in history! They need to go along with all their friends they brought with them. 2. name Brad Bell Senior Executive Producer of Y&R and he keeps his role at B&B, Brad over see's new executive producer of Y&R Ed Scott, new head writers Kay Alden and Sally Sussman Morina. Scott ,Alden and Morina all worked under Bill Bell and should all return to Y&R. 3. dump - Cane, Colin, Marco, Lily, Joe, Dylan, Hilary, Sage, Abby. 4- storyline's reboot - - Victor wins the battle for Newman Jabot after Marco dies in a plane crash and Jack's accusations can't be proven. - Victor takes control of the company and fires Jack. -Jack leaves town and Phyllis as well after no one believes him about Marco, he goes to LA. he meets with Eric Forrester about starting a division of Forrester creations in Genoa City in which Eric likes the idea and agrees to the deal. - Jack returns as the new president of Forrester Creations of Genoa City, along with executives Thorn, Taylor and Bridget. - a war between Victor with Newman/Jabot vs. Jack with powerhouse Forrester Creations along with the Forrester family behind him is born. the show get's back to battle of the titans of Newman's, Abbott's and Forrester's in the board room and on the run way with the show incorporating both what made Y&R and B&B successful the run way and the cosmetics industry Thoughts??/
  6. Y&R needs to dump both Pratt and JFP their long term cancer that's not being felt right now. I say bring both Y&R and B&B writing and production under one umbrella and let Ed Scott take over and report to Brad Bell. more cross over's and storylines between both shows is what's best for CBS daytime. not this crap that were seeing right now with double Jacks and everything else going on
  7. So when does CBS make the change??? I bet the Bell family will do the same thing to Pratt and JFP they did to LML and get CBS on their side in order to get ride of them and bring in their people. CBS knows fans are pissed and this time they might make the change to appease the fan base by ditching Chuck and his shitty writing
  9. The writters that Pratt dosent need at Y&R Sony will send them to Days to fill out the team.
  10. seems as if with all the moves Corday has made with his production company as of late that he's preparing for the end of Days and has begun moving his interests elsewhere. this latest hire of Higley might be a sign he has thrown in the towel and Days will end when its contract with NBC expires. I think he will then move Days to his new NetSoaps website he is co launching. Days future will be online and not at NBC
  11. Anyone else think Sony wants to send JFP to run Days??? That's why they brought in Pratt as EP to replace her while she waits in the wings until Sony dethroans Corday and will take over Days.
  12. id rather run thru on coming traffic then watch any of the LML era by far the worst head writer/executive producer in daytime history. I put all the blame on her for the down warp spiral this show has been on. she fired all of the Bell ppl and the show has never recovered.
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