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Crazy Lyrics - What You Thought They Were Singing But Weren't


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When I thought of this I had a specific song in mind but now for the life of me I cannot remember what it was so I'll go with these two:

Earth, Wind, and Fire's Love's Holiday which goes:

Gonna look into your eyes 'til I'm hypnotized

make love to you baby 'til I'm satisfied

instead I sung make love to you baby 'til I'm 35 (I really don't know why but it seemed to make sense to the younger me who sang it).

Less nonsensical is my made up lyrics to Keith Sweat's song Tell Me it's Me You Want where he sings Hurt your heart a thousand times but I sang Heard this part a thousand times.

There are also songs where I didn't know the true subject like riding the White Horse and White Lines songs about cocaine and Mary Jane about marijuana and Brown Sugar about some kind of drug as well.

I am just so innocenthuh.png

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My friend thought Rihanna's "We Found Love" went "We found a line and I held his place".

A favourite of mine's always been in Mariah's "I'm That Chick", where she says "hypnotize like Biggie", I swore she said "Hypnotize like baked bean". I guess I rationalized that she was talking about magic beans or something??

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I also was "wrapped up like a douche..." LOL

Billie Jean--"The Chad (or chair) is not my sun"

Def Leppard's Rocket: "Saturday night of love" instead of "Satellite of love"

Pour Some Sugar on Me: "Take your bible, shake it up..."

Theme song to The Jeffersons: Instead of, "Long as we live, it's you and me baby," I would sing, "Mama's sweet lips, chewin' me baby"

Theme song to Three's Company: "Down at our rendezvous" became the senseless, "Domma nomma nee boo"

My mother loves to tell the story of when I was a kid, singing Foreigner's Hot Blooded as "Hot Blooded...chicken of the sea."

And I purposely sing Rihanna's We Found Love as "We found love in a homeless place.."

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It's "Wrapped Up Like a Deuce".

Soemone mentioned The Jeffersons theme song... SO many people don't know what the words are in the Good Times theme at :35

They even had a big debate here on a local radio show asking people what the line was, and NOBODY knew! LOL

I always found it odd that Janet' Dubois sang the Jeffersons theme song, and not the theme from her own show. I would ahve let Janet' sing Good Times, and have Blinky sing the Jefferson's theme.

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