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All: Character/Couple Nicknames by fans, Good or Bad

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As do I. I've been using it since he first came on the show. I love that nickname!

Faves --

Jack (Y&R): Swoop.

Phylllis (Y&R): Giggly Heffa (I think DeeDeee came up with that one).

Nick (Y&R): Prick.

Sharon (Y&R): Sharin'

Christine (Y&R): Bug.

Victor (Y&R): TGVN, The Mustache, Methusela

CKLily: CKLily.

Cane: Ostrich (again, DeeeDee).

Eden Reigel's Heather: Feather (Faux + Heather)

SN's Tucker: Fluckers.

The other guy's Tucker: Peepaw McElvis.

Carly (GH): Snarly

Sonny: Magic Penis (i *LOVE* this one)

Jason: Borg

Nikolas: Prince Puffy

Brenda: Cackles

Courtney (remember her?): Snortney

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From what I gathered on forums (and UK's voice-over people on Five) over the years, Sunset Beach had:

Smurf (Vanessa Dorman, the first Caitlin)

Spawn (Randy Spelling, Sean)

Whispering AJ (Gordon Thomson, AJ)

Franchesta (Lisa Guerrero Coles, Francesca)

Dimples (Eddie Cibrian, the second Cole)

Dumbo (Christina Chambers, Maria)

Gobby (Priscilla Garita, Gabi)

Thickardo (Hank Cheyne, Ricardo)

Father Fit (Nick Kiriazis, Antonio)

Bad to the Bone (Joyce Guy, Mrs Moreau)

Smeg (Susan Ward, Meg)


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