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All: Character/Couple Nicknames by fans, Good or Bad

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I don't know if there has been a topic like this or not yet, but I thought it would be fun. What are some of the nicknames you the fans have come up with, good or bad, for certain characters or couples? (And, let's be honest, the derogatory ones are much more fun laugh.png ).

This can be either ones that you came up with yourself, ones that you've seen here or elsewhere online...whatever you want. I have a few I'd like to post myself, but I won't risk taking any you guys may have came up with and let you guys go first smile.png .

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Here are some I know of (mostly derogatory, even though I like some of the characters...some I definitely don't):


Luna: Looney, Looneytunes, Lunatic (THANK YOU, BLAIR!), Lunacy, Lunatic Moodswing (Okay, I made that up myself, I'm SO mature laugh.png ), Daisy Mae (Todd called her this)

Tea: TeUgh, TeUgh DelSnotto

Tomas: Toe, Toemiss, Nomas

Natalie: Gnat, The Red Rat

Blair: BLiar

Max: Maxhole, Maxipad

Marty: Martyr (Once again, Blair's creation)

Patrick: Putrid

John: McPain


Courtney: Skipper, Bubbles, Kung Fu Barbie

Lulu: ShrewLu, LooLoo

Carly: SheBeast, Carho, Cujo, many others I could never get away with here

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Another one for OLTL:

Bobby Ford: The TWOP board has had some great ones for him. The most common is (put together in one long word) TheDoubleRapistNunRoller (with RobertFord/BobbyFord sometimes added). For some reason, the long one word approach to it gives me fits of inappropriate laughter laugh.png.

There's also Rapey, and on one occasion, I saw Rapey Frankenfurter.

Jen: BeachBlanketBarbie

Another one for Luna: St. Luna (again, a Blair creation!)

Speaking of Blair: The SheDevil and the SheWolf (courtesy of Asa). The latter in particular is a badge of honor for many Blair fans.

Another example for a positive nickname for Carly on GH would be Carlybabes. I know a lot of her fans love that.

Negative ones for Robin? St. Robin and Snobin.

One for a couple: Tess/Ford: Terd.

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Mine are all OLTL.

My favorite couple name is "TERD" for Tess and Ford. So, so fitting.

Tea Yellgado

DanYELLa Rayburn

Old Man Nate

The endless John nicknames - Jyawn, McBore, McLame, etc.


Snora (makes me laugh every time)


Pepe LePaunch (Tomas)

Puketrick (Patrick)

Rapey Fwhored


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