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All: Character/Couple Nicknames by fans, Good or Bad

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Two old ones from 06/07 for OLTL.

Spencer Truman: SpenSuck

Antonio Vega: Assholio

Oh and I call Tomas on OLTL "Baguette Boy" over on DD.

Oh, and another I thought of for AMC. We all called Krystal KWAK. And, Tad&Krystal was called "Trystal" So appropriate. That and TERD for Jess&Ford has to be my two favorite..."I hate that couple so I will call them bad things" nicknames.

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A positive nickname:


Dorian--DorLor! smile.png (I miss her sad.png )

Gabrielle--Gabby (only because this was used more by fans than by the characters themselves)



Bianca--Binky, Binks/Binx

And a few negatives


Victor Jr.: VicTodd, FauxTodd, NotTodd, Frodd Neutral Nicknames for him: Special Needs Vic(tor, Slo(w)Vic(tor)


Carly--SlagBeast laugh.png .

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