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MTV VMA 2011: Guess Who's Hosting.....


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Apparently no one at all


When asked this week who would be handling emcee duties for this year’s round of Moonman statue distribution, an MTV rep said via e-mail that “There is no single host this year because we are experimenting with a non-traditional format.” Now it sounds like the real reason may be that MTV couldn't find the right man or woman for the job.

LOL...MTV fail laugh.png

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Even the Golden Globes have a host now ( they didn't for year)... I really liked Chelsea doing it last year....

I heard the Glee kids are doing an Amy Winehouse tribute. Yeah, that will go well....

If the Glee kids did a tribute to Amy, they'd squeeze in some Journey in between Rehab and Back To Black.

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Hasn't she always been like this? I'm not a fan but why are they shocked at this but not at Katy Perry or Nicki Manaj?

I'm glad they didn't ask Chelsea Handler back. I find her very offputting when not in small doses.

Niki and Katy dress a little eccentric and crazy. This is who they have been and will be. They are not taking on another alter ego ala Garth Brooks as Chris Gains.

gaga is this formed character taking on another character now and it just scream of desperation and famewhoreing to a new degree, that she doesnt even need.

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Do you think the Britney tribute was some type of spite against her for not showing up the last few years? It didn't seem like they had anything put together.

Not at all, are people thinking that?

She was there like two years ago.

I think it was a shotty tribute that wasnt needed just to get the vanguard award, that she did deserve. I think they could have put a lot more into it, but it was strictly for ratings. Gaga presenting Britney with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award followed by Beyonce performing and confirming she is prego? What more could a producer want?

I didnt hat it, but i didnt love it. I think they could have at leadt got the young girls - Demi, Miley, Slena, Victoria, etc to dance/cover the songs or something. But whatever, its pretty much what i expected. The VMA's have seriously been awful since like 2005, if not earlier. (but 99-03 were great)

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