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ALL SOAPS: Scenes that made you cry

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I was just curious as to what everyone on the board would reply with (and I'm not sure if any other threads were created for this topic.)

For me, right off the top of my head, I can think of the following that made me a bit weepy...


John's "Death": When he was in the hospital bed, and she's telling him to let go, and he just responds with "I'm gonna miss you", I kind of lost it. A major coup by the writers and perfomers during this scene since I really never liked John.

Maggie's "Death": Granted, it was very horror movie like, but Suzanne rocked it as she sobbed about how Mickey needs her. I think I got teary eyed more for the fact that a Days legend was being pointlessly killed (during the time before it was revealed to be a hoax.)

Bo and Hope give up JT

Alice dies

Isabella dies


Jennifer's death: I honestly don't think I've cried harder at a storyline than these scenes in the hospital. How Jennifer Ferrin didn't get an Emmy for her tour de force still astounds me, especially since i was only a fan of the show for about a year at this point and her portrayal managed to move me as if I had been an avid watcher for decades.

Can't think of anything else right now, but I will definitely add more as they come to me.

What about you guys?

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Jenny's death. Her scenes in the hospital with Greg are the first time I ever cried at anything I saw on TV. I was so little, but I remember it so clearly... I even thought to myself, "something on TV made me cry... what?"

Erica at the end of her breakdown at the woman of the year banquet, crying with Myrtle over Mona.

Kendall, not knowing Bianca was pregnant as a result of the rape, baring her soul to Bianca about herself being the product of a rape. For me, that was a performance which defined Alicia Minshew as Kendall.

To a lesser degree, when Edmund took Baby Sam out of Maria's arms just as she was trying to abscond with him at the airport. Eva LaRue sold that so well... The moment Erica returned Maddie to Maria was just as powerful.

Palmer's memorial last year was a work of art, and hit all the right notes, emotionally.

Most recently, I got a little emotional at Erica's montage... There was something very powerful about that.


Megan's death. Her final moments with Viki and Sarah (which really sold me on Grace Phillips as a recast... too bad she, like several actors, got on the wrong side of then-EP Linda Gottlieb) were total tear-jerkers... and of course, everything with Jake up until the very end was tremendously sad.

Several moments with Viki's multiple-alter story in the mid-90's.... some involving Nathan Fillion, who was particularly convincing as a sensitive young man not afraid to cry.

Gabrielle & Al's passing each other in the afterlife... bittersweet knowing that Al was about to die. And in hindsight, so wasteful considering what they did to Gabrielle just months later.

Nash's death scenes... and the end of the funeral. I know, I know. I won't try to stop you, but believe me, I am completely aware there are people who don't like Bree Williamson's acting style. I thought she totally sold it, and that these performances were riveting. That's the way it affected me (and not to mention my partner, who watches with me). And man, it made me really hate Natalie, too. I actually like that it reignited the feud between the sisters, because their getting along all the time had become VERY dull!

Yesterday's Todd scenes... Who knew Roger Howarth could be THAT good at pulling your heartstrings? His connections with Kassie DePaiva and Kristen Alderson were so very alive... I worry that TPTB might jerk us around with the whole "who is the real Todd" thing - with DNA debacles, etc. (I plead with them, that's not where their real story is at... and it's just filler. Hopefully I'm worried for nothing.)

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Jenna's death on GL. And I didn't even like the wench. I think I was too stunned at Maureen's death to cry.

It was hard watching Jen's death on ATWT...but not because of Jen, because they were some of BH's last scenes. I did cry during Hal's memorial---you could really feel the actors' sadness.

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I was watching some old school GH and these were the scenes that made me cry:

Tania Jones death-I still cannot watch the entire clips without crying

Tony Jones death- FU GH for wasting Brad Maule's talent

BJ Jones death

After Tony was shot he and Frisco talked about him not Being a husband to Tania in every way. Brad Maule and Jack Wagner had the best chemistry.

Tony throwing his walker across the room when he was talking to his doctor about his inability to be a husband to Tania.

The Final Scene of Guiding Light

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