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AMC: Friday, July 1, 2011

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I believe David said having sex with Erica was the closet he'd ever come to a religious conversion. ;) And EK, well she said he was the best...ever. Yeah, Jane, you were better than Erica.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeee, can't wait. I'm glad he's using Jane. She is a criminal after all who has no remorse or guilt for what hs'es doing to Erica. Get her David, in more ways than one. :D

ETA: Does RB have a baby bump?

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LOVE FUSION!! So glad to see some effort being put into that company again, you can tell LB likes it because she also centered a few S/L's heavily around it when she was writing last year (Erica vs. Greenlee; Top Cop Model Natalia). I love it!!

Madison's "Fusion Fierce" idea is kickass & I like it! Yes it was a little OTT but I thought it was fun to! SG must've had so much fun doing that. LMAO at the look on Randi's face when Madison walked into the Fusion offices with her new look! Priceless. Madison's pitch to Greenlee & Kendall was good & made so much sense; but I also agreed with Kendall & Greenlee that it needs some refining first.

Not liking Detective Ryan getting all up in David's business, busting into David's office & breaking into his yacht club room (...how does David not have his own house yet?!). David frustrates me because he acts so calm and collected with Ryan even when he's being so annoying like today! He just came into his office uninvited, I would've told him off!

Loved the Cara/Kendall scenes and Tad/Cara were really sweet today as usual. Not really caring about depancaked Dixie

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Jane had the googly eyes that Erica used to give David. LOL He's got her eating out of his hand. I actually heard a bit of...I don't know what to call it in his voice today, but I really don't think he's all that fond of Jane. And is clearly playing her.

Gah. I was okay til David played with/stroked Jane's hair. I used to melt when he did that to Erica. And to see him still do it after all these years! :wub:

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^LOL, yes! Erica likes to play "love of my life" with her men. It's something I love about her. To be fair though, I think it's something she hopes/believes it true about each man. So it's not hallow or shallow. It's just her wanting that guy.

Shame she hasn't found him.

I'm hoping against hope, that AN keeps her single when all is said and done. But I'm not holding my breath.

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Yup. It was just stupid.

I loved that line but the fight was so badly choreographed at the end.

ICAM! McTavish's doom & despair style never really fit with Agnes Nixon's funny & intelligent vision of the show. I'm just glad she can't ruin it anymore!

As for the episode, it was actually really good, imo. I thought the direction dragged things down more than the writing.

Madison's concept of a Fusion product that isn't for the girl out to snag and keep a guy was really good. Women wearing makeup for themselves and not for a man isn't too radical a concept and imo a step in the right direction for this show that used to have so many strong female characters. But Madison's presentation was just too over the top and whoever did her eye makeup should also be slapped.

David & Jane were pretty funny when he tried to convince her she was good in bed. I loved his line about how Erica hadn't been a virgin for a long time. I also liked David hitting on Madison right after, showing that he's just using Jane.

I'm glad Ryan figured out that David slept with Jane and that Erica did too. Next week should bring some fireworks as Erica's kids and Jack try to figure out what's going on with her.

Tad & Cara were once again great and Dixie finally opening her eyes has me excited for next week!

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