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Our Five Daughters


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Paraphrasing Chris Schemering:

Running from January 2-September 28, 1962, on NBC, at 3:30 Eastern, after Young Doctor Malone. This was the first and last soap for silent film star Esther Ralston, who had emerged from a lengthy retirement and impressed producer Eugene Burr on The Verdict is Yours.

She played Helen Lee. Helen and husband Jim had five daughters. Early in the show Jim was seriously injured and became an invalid, which caused much turmoil in the close family. The youngest daughter, played by Jacquie Courtney, was most traumatized by her father's accident.

Courtney of course went on to become a soap icon of the 60's and 70's, but Wynne Miller also appeared in several soaps, including Somerset, and had some hilariously odd quotes in the soap magazines of that era (my favorite was, on the question of feminism and marriage, "a lamb chop is better than a karate chop")

The show was written by Leonard Stadd and directed by Paul Lammers.

Helen Lee - Esther Ralston

Jim Lee - Michael Keene

Mary Lee - Wynne Miller

Barbara Lee - Patricia Allison

Jane Lee - Nuella Dierking

Ann Lee - Jacqueline Courtney

Uncle Charlie - Robert W. Stewart

Don Weldon - Ben Hayes

(here the Encyclopedia also mentions Wynne Miller as "Mary Weldon")

George Barr - Ralph Ellis

Greta Hitchcock - Janis Young

Pat Nichols - Edward Griffith

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FANTASTIC find Carl! Was this the first thing Jacqueline Courtney ever did?

Here's what Matt P. Smith wrote on the show:

Can I say what a ridiculous idea to give a show to a long forgotten movie star, it would have been like bringing Mary Pickford out of the woodwork. Then again I don't know what Ralston's popularity was like. I'm surprised no one tried to give Frances Farmer a daytime soap in the late 50 and 60s when trying to stage a comeback.

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I keep forgetting that Jacquie was on Edge of Night before this. I edited the intro.

Esther Ralston was quite a big name in her day. I think it was claimed that her career really ended because she would not put out for a studio executive. I don't remember for sure. I guess I can see where they may have felt she would draw some attention and then the show would build on its own merits over time. I wonder if they should have let the show grow - they didn't have anything else, apparently. But the idea of it might have been a little derivative, since Secret Storm and Search for Tomorrow had both started this way.

Thanks for reading and responding, I really appreciate that.

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I remember watching this show every afternoon when I came home from school. I saw the first and last episodes and nearly every one in-between. I remember it was on during the days of NBC's peacock's birth and two episodes were broadcast in color (as an experiment I guess). It was a great show and expressed a lot of family love.

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I thought Esther Ralston played the perfect mom. As I kid back then I didn't know her from anything else so I thought of her as just a wonderful actress playing a great wife and mom. The daughters were each so different and there were amazing qualities that made each of them special. I can still remember the huge sundaes that were often in front of the characters at the sweet shop that so many conversations took place in.

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