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  1. Unfortunately they do not. You cannot duplicate them and neither will they.
  2. This is for your Paul Raven. Please note whoever reads this that all references to "Susan" are of Susan Brown who of course was Ann Reynolds. Most of you who remember her know that she passed in August of 2018. I was invited to her memorial service in Beverly Hills where I was asked to deliver her Eulogy. DVD 1 – was probably from around October of 1965. It contained Jimmy, Buzz, Gilly, Martha & Henry Coleman. The episode took place shortly after Buzz and Jimmy were arrested following the robbery and beating of Mr. Spencer (the owner of the concession stand where Buzz worked). Both were in jail and Gilly was there to bail Buzz out and to question Jimmy to see if he would take the rap for the robbery and exonerate Buzz. Although it was good to see the episode, it was not particularly interesting. The only thing I actually got from it was that I had not remembered what a handsome kid Jimmy Dahl was. He was actually a very sexy Bad Boy. I’m surprised that when I watched I didn’t take more notice of him, but I guess that was because I was so crushing on Walter. I’m also surprised his acting career did not go further than it did. DVD 2 – Was a GREAT episode. It took place during the final week of TYM. Susan looked absolutely beautiful! Walter’s vision was greatly impaired by this time. The teaser had him laying on the sofa placing eye drops in his eyes. Of course he was not doing a very good job doing it and it frustrated and made him angry. He was further frustrated when the phone rang and he had to wipe his eyes (and face) and answer. It was Carol calling trying to get Walter out of the house and to meet her at Hoby’s for some dinner. After a great deal of convincing, his anger tempered and he agreed to meet her there. While this was going on, Ann and Jill were having a confrontation at Ann’s apartment. Jill was not speaking to Ann because Jill had, for the second time, seen Ann in Gilly’s embrace. Of course both times were innocent comforting embraces but of course Jill just happened to walk in to see them. Obviously dressed for an evening out, again Ann tried to convince Jill of that but to no avail. Ann also learned that Jill had shared both embraces with Walter which also put Walter on the path to war with Gilly (his best friend). During the conversation, the phone rings and it’s Gilly phoning Ann that he’s running later for dinner. Ann suggest that she just meet him (also) at Hoby’s. Jill is beyond infuriated to hear this. Carol and Walter are sitting at a table having drinks. (This scene was VERY reminiscent of a scene written months earlier in which Ann and Paul are sitting at a table in Hoby’s having drinks when Walter and Carol walk in and a confrontation begins. In fact, Hoby himself recalls that “evening” when the confrontation occurred.) In the opening scene, Carol is holding Walter’s hand and confesses to Walter that she is in love with him and has been for a very long time. Walter is oblivious to this and is in awe and shock. Carol, being who she is, acknowledges that the love is unrequited and her reason for dinner was to tell Walter she will not be seeing him anymore. That it is too painful for her to spend time with him knowing he does not feel the same. Before Walter can respond, Gilly walks in alone, Walter’s and his eyes meet and WW3 is about to break out, then does. By the way, at this time Robert Osborne is playing Gilly. A very young and handsome Robert Osborne. When Ann arrives, it confirms what Jill has been telling him and Walter and Gilly are in hand to hand combat. Very tense and emotional to watch. DVD 3 – To my great disappointment, is an episode that I already have. I believe many have seen it in the past when it was on YouTube. It’s the episode that is referenced in the episode with Ann and Paul and Walter and Carol meeting at Hoby’s and causing a raucous. DVD 4 – Was an amazing episode for me to see in spite of the fact that Susan was not in it. It was the first episode. It follows the script to a “T”, which made it that much more fun to watch because of the visuals. The first marvel I got out of the second and third scenes which were in the Reynolds home is what a massive set it was. They did a wonderful job of Walter returning home from a meeting with Matt (Scott Graham), walking down the stairs and panning what seemed like an endless set. First the livingroom, then a stroll through the diningroom noticing the table is set for 6, then dropping off his sketches in his studio. He then walks to the never seen stairs to the upper level to the bedroom. This is the first time we see Lee Meriwether as Ann. She does look beautiful and wore her hair exactly as Susan did. One could see why it was so easy for Susan to slip into the role. Actually, Lee was very good in the role. Never thought you’d hear me say that I’ll bet. The scene in the bedroom was word for word following the script for Lee. Then, the second act, was the continuation of the party and Susan and Ann were in the kitchen preparing dinner for the guests (Matt and Liz—and meeting Liz for the first time). Once again, Lee’s lines were word for word from the script. That made me realize immediately why the role was too much for Lee. She memorized the script lines. That took me back to what Susan once told me. “You don’t memorize lines, you learn them” Lee was memorizing word for word. I think she could not handle that. But aside from that she had grace and even some humor. Lots of intriguing facial expression bring question to the viewer. When the guests arrive, Susan and Ann leave the kitchen and one can see again that the set is huge, as they can be seen walking directly from the kitchen, into the dinningroom and into the livingroom with Walter’s studio still in view. After the dinner party, Matt and Liz are alone high on a hill overlooking Queens Point. They sit on the ground and Matt pursues a reluctant Liz to marry him. Matt is becoming somewhat frustrated by Liz’s apprehension but his libido is heating up (he too is a gorgeous man) and lowers Liz to the ground and almost tops her. Viewers can immediately sense this is not your typical soap opera. By the scene’s end, Liz is clay in Matt’s hands and she wildly accepts his proposal to marry him. To my disappointment, obviously each scene ended up being longer than anticipated and the final scene between Walter and Ann was edited out. It was such a strong and revealing scene as well. It was never played out in any other episodes. To make up for the lost scene and extra time, The opening sequence of this first episode was extended while the lampshade with Queens Point neighborhoods artwork on it, made several revolutions with TYM logo on screen for a longer than normal period. At the end, a full roll of credits was run which I was grateful for since none of the other episodes had a credit roll.
  3. Yes they do. I believe that they only have ABC soaps. You can check out their website... Film and Television Archive at UCLA. They are incredibly helpful and love when visitors use their services. You must make an appointment because they have to pull the episodes you are interested in viewing.
  4. To all who may be interested, I just returned from California where I made an appointment with the Film and Television Archive at UCLA. They are a great group of people and have 6 episodes of THE YOUNG MARRIEDS. 2 of the episodes are on 35 MM film and are not available for viewing, however, they do have the other 4 on DVD which were made available to me. It was wonderful taking a step back in time and watching these perfectly preserved episodes. What a wonderful experience I will always remember.
  5. DC, The Young Marrieds was created with Matt and Liz to be the Main story line, with Walter and Ann as Sub Story 1 and Dan and Susan as Sub Story 2. As you know when the show premiered Matt and Liz were not yet married. The characters were created to be around indefinitely. Jim Elward became disenchanted with the couple in the first few weeks of the show. He felt they were poorly cast and had no chemistry between them even with casting changes for Matt, they just didn't work as a likeable couple. While this was going on he found out that they were recasting the role for Ann. Again he was not happy but had very little to say. As he continued to write script after script, Susan Brown took over the role of Ann from Lee Merriweather. Suddenly the chemistry between Mike Mikler and Susan Brown had the show take on a new dynamic. He quickly realized that they owned the show and there was no doubt that he was doing to eliminate the young married Stevens right after their wedding and promote Ann and Walter Reynolds to the Main Story line and Dan and Susan to Sub Story 1. To compensate for this, he created the cast and characters of Ann's sister Jill and her beach bum friends Buzz Coleman and Jimmy Dahl as Sub Storyline 2. ABC gave Jim total approval as they were not happy with the initial ratings of the show. So, before the first 13 weeks of the show were over, Matt and Liz were married, honeymooned, and received a job offer that took them away from Queens Point. The show took on a dramatic change. When Jim had left as creator and writer, he left with a 6 month projection. ABC liked and approved the projection as did new writer John D. Hess who used the projection with only minor changes. By the way, in The Young Marrieds novel, Matt and Liz did not exist. The only characters to appear in the book were Walter, Ann, and Paul Stevens as the central story (Ken & Peggy Mosley and David Cantini. Dan and Susan were briefly in the book as Peggy's friends.
  6. Slick. Aunt Alex was Dr Dan Garrett's aunt. Also most of the media consistently had Buzz, his father Henry (aka Hank) and mother tagged as Korman. Their last name was in fact Coleman. The scripts confirm that.
  7. Thanks. Yes he did. They were donated by his family to the University of Wyoming after his death. The papers of John D. Hess were donated to Dartmouth College.
  8. ABC couldn't rush fast enough to get rid of The Young Marrieds. Hollywood soaps cost more to produce than NY soaps (and is why it was replaced with the NY based Nurses) That is why there was so much anger from the production staff and the show was never wrapped up when they were given notice of cancellation and were told to bring it to a close. TYM was also enjoying its highest ratings ever at the time it was cancelled in March of 1966. It would have been great to think that ABC would have made a choice to bring the characters over but there would have been an enormous amount of red tape and expense in doing that. Interesting to know, however, the two shows were recorded on the same soundstage in Hollywood . TYM used the left side and GH used the right side. In fact, every piece of every set had the word MARRIEDS or HOSPITAL adhered to the back of them to keep them separated. On one of the occasions I visited the GH set after TYM was cancelled, while roaming, I approached the back of Jesse Brewer's living room. One wall had a large window that was bowed out with a window seat and red cushions. This was the same piece of the set that was used as Susan and Dan Garrett's living room. It still had the MARRIEDS sticker adhered to the back of it. So some of the sets were recycled for GH. I am so delighted that after nearly 50 years, some bright writer resurrected the Queens Point name for use on General Hospital. I only wish they had done more with it.
  9. Yes, that is true. When General Hospital was in its infancy, there was no Port Charles. I believe Port Charles got its name sometime in the 70. When The Young Marrieds premiered, ABC's promotions referred to Queens Point as the suburb that both GH and YM resided in. The two shows were never actually related. Again, it was promotional only. Both shows were produced by Selmur Productions, Inc. (and actually recorded in the same studio) back then, branding the two together would have been good promotion for Selmur since YM followed GH's time slot. Only briefly in the first episodes of YM were Dr. Hardy and Dr. Garrett mentioned on both shows as working together at General Hospital. I found it very interesting that the GH writers resurrected the Queens Point name after so many years.
  10. 50 years ago on October 5th 1964, The Young Marrieds premiered on ABC. On the east coast it ran from 3:30 to 4:00 pm every weekday. As a teenager back then, I remember waiting for weeks with anticipation for it to premiere and then finally, watched that first episode. It was totally different from any soap I had ever seen before. For those of you who still remember The Young Marrieds and even those of you who don’t but have over the years come to know about it, I hope you might enjoy my tribute to this groundbreaking show and some of the information I have gathered over the last 50 years . When the show premiered, Matt Stevens and Liz Forsythe were the main characters and main storyline. The stories of Walter and Ann Reynolds as well as Dr. Dan and Susan Garrett were subplots. Jim Elward created The Young Marrieds with 4 storylines and 4 separate couples. 1 couple was never used (they were Dick and Marge Latham and Marge was to be a bored alcoholic wife). Ann and Walter were to have a 5 year old son. That idea was abandoned and Ann's sister Jill came to live with them instead. ABC promoted The Young Marrieds as a sister soap to General Hospital taking place in the same town known as Queens Point. Dr. Dan Garrett and Dr. Steve Hardy were briefly mentioned in both shows to help viewers make the connection. The Young Marrieds also followed General Hospital’s time slot. Lee Meriwether was only on for the first 2 weeks and became the first cast replacement. For those of you who know and love Susan Brown as I do were delighted when she was cast and took over the role of Ann Reynolds in Script 11. Obviously the change took place abruptly as the next 10 scripts were still using Lee's name as the actress portraying the Ann Reynolds. An interesting anecdote concerning Susan’s first episode: The script, written a week before it was taped, had Walter saying to Ann, “You look completely different. Not like the Reynolds Girl at all.” There was a lot of joking about that line during cast dry when the line was discovered. The first thought was to rewrite the line but after some thought, it was determined to be apropos to the script as well as Susan’s arrival and it was left in and recorded for broadcast. Jim Elward felt the casting department did a poor job casting Matt Stevens and Liz Forsythe as the engaged couple yet to be married. He thought they were both weak actors and not true to the characters he had created. They were to be the stars of the show and the Reynolds and Garretts were to be substories. (hence the name of the show: The Young Marrieds) Never reaching the potential he hoped they would he wrote them out of the show soon after he realized that Ann (Susan Brown) and Walter (Mike Mikler) had overnight became the powerhouse couple with amazing untapped talent. He said Susan and Mike knew the characters better than he did and that is what made them so amazing and strong so quickly. He knew they had trailblazing potential. The show then evolved with Ann and Walter as the main story followed by Dan and Susan Garrett as substory 1 and Jill and her friends as substory 2. Jim Elward had never been a head writer and creator of a soap before The Young Marrieds. He thought it would be more thought provoking to control every character's life. He said he was wrong. In fact, said he had never been more wrong about anything. It was much easier to write dialog from a day page that someone else had thought out. (he referenced The Secret Storm). Because of 11th hour changes just before the first episodes were recorded he felt the show was not really his when it went on the air on October 5th with only 5 scripts written. That the worst thing was having to hire friends to write and then after doing such a bad job, he had to rewrite each one himself. He was so behind he was driven by panic. ABC hired Irna Phillips to help him for a couple of weeks so they could get more scripts in their hands to build sets and better control casting. ABC knew he had just written a stage play that at some point may go into production so his contract was written with an escape clause at the end of every 13 weeks. His play went into production in January and he left after writing only for 13 weeks. When John D. Hess took over the creating and writing after Jim Elward left, he was just as impressed with the Walter/Ann story line as Jim was. He continued writing with Walter and Ann as the main storyline but enhanced on some of Jim’s projections that went out 6 months. One of them being he enhanced the Jill and her friends storyline so that it encompassed and affected Walter and Ann to a greater degree and added to keeping them together living under the same roof in spite of their pending separation and divorce. For those of you who remember, Susan and Mike had some of the most amazing scenes to play out during that period of time (Summer and Fall of 1965). There was so much miscommunication and pride between them both that caused neither one to say the appropriate words when heart wrenching scenes were written for the views to expect just that to happen. As onlookers, we always knew Ann and Walter still loved one another and wanted nothing more than for them to reconcile. John Hess had written his own 6 month projection for ABC to approve that unfortunately was rejected and never used in its original presentation. I guess in spite of The Young Marrieds having been given the leverage to make some groundbreaking strides in soap opera history, ABC felt what was being offered was just too trailblazing for daytime TV. John Hess had intended for Ann to become pregnant during her affair with Paul Stevens (Matt’s brother). Even after learning she was pregnant with Paul’s child, Walter would offer to take on the child as his own and they would resume their marriage. Ann would feel she could not do that to Walter and would leave Queens Point for a significant time and when she returns, would be childless. Would she have had an abortion or would she have given the baby up for adoption??? Additionally, it was interesting to learn that some of the projections were used in a very different way. An example is that after learning she was pregnant and alone as she and Paul had already broken up, she was to have had thoughts of suicide. In the end, Walter is the one who attempted suicide. Also it was interesting to learn that even after reconciling with Walter after her return from many months away, she was slated to have still another affair with a new executive from Halsteads! Was she destined to be the bad girl of daytime TV who everyone loved? Well we were never to learn the answer to that since ABC cancelled The Young Marrieds on Friday, October 25th 1966. It would forever be remembered as the show that ended with the permanent Friday cliffhanger. Those involved in the production of The Young Marrieds were so irate about its cancellation since it had attained its highest ratings ever at the time it was scheduled for cancellation that they refused to honor ABC’s request to wrap up the storylines and ended the show with Walter locking himself inside his home with a loaded gun and Carol West screaming WALTER, WALTER, WALTER as she pounded on the door from outside. The final words spoken were those of Peggy McCay (Susan Garrett) frantically dialing the phone and crying out, “Operator, give me the police and please hurry!” With those words, The Young Marrieds was gone--- but certainly not forgotten. ABC was bombarded with complaints from incensed viewers demanding an explanation for the abrupt cancellation. Eventually ABC felt they had to respond and put out a statement with what would have happened. TV Guide and several Daytime magazines quickly picked it up and published the ending. As a tribute, I had hoped to be able to post a pdf file of the first script that aired for The Young Marrieds but unfortunately it is not possible to post that type of attachments here. If anyone knows of a way, please let me know. Even after 50 years, there is still a warm place in my heart for The Young Marrieds and the wonderful actors and actresses who have appeared. We have lost so many of these wonderful people over years gone by… Mike Mikler, Paul Picerni, Brenda Benet, Norma Connolly, Irene Hervey, Ted Knight, Frank Maxwell, Maxine Stuart, Constance Moore, Maria Palmer, Don Randolph, Barry Russo, and Irene Tedrow. We also lost both Jim Elward and John Hess. But for me, the highlight of The Young Marrieds has been having a wonderful and amazing 50 year friendship with my dear friend Susan Brown. It has been an awesome journey and I will be forever grateful that you responded to that first fan letter I ever mailed out. That was the beginning and I so love you. The Young Marrieds... from beginning to end... was amazing.
  11. It is so sad looking at this picture knowing that Mike has passed.
  12. I thought Esther Ralston played the perfect mom. As I kid back then I didn't know her from anything else so I thought of her as just a wonderful actress playing a great wife and mom. The daughters were each so different and there were amazing qualities that made each of them special. I can still remember the huge sundaes that were often in front of the characters at the sweet shop that so many conversations took place in.
  13. I remember watching this show every afternoon when I came home from school. I saw the first and last episodes and nearly every one in-between. I remember it was on during the days of NBC's peacock's birth and two episodes were broadcast in color (as an experiment I guess). It was a great show and expressed a lot of family love.
  14. Did anyone see the 3rd episode of American Horror Story on FX? There was a time shift scene back to the mid 60s and Peyton Place was playing on the television. The show's audio played through out the entire scene and there were several closeups of the television showing Leslie Harrington (Paul Langton) and his sister Laura (Patricia Breslin).
  15. Here is more information on the novel The Young Marrieds. I have added pretty much all of the information based on the copy I have. http://www.librarything.com/work/book/78977395
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