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CBS Fall 2011 Schedule

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CBS Fall 2011 Schedule


8pm: The Amazing Race (September 25)

9pm: The Good Wife (September 25)

10pm: CSI: Miami (September 25)


8pm: How I Met Your Mother (September 19 - 1 hour)

8:30pm: 2 Broke Girls (September 19: 9:30pm)

9pm: Two and a Half Men (September 19)

9:30pm: Mike & Molly (September 26)

10pm: Hawaii Five-O (September 19)


8pm: NCIS (September 20)

9pm: NCIS: Los Angeles (September 20)

10pm: Unforgettable (September 20)


8pm: Survivor (September 14)

9pm: Criminal Minds (September 21)

10pm: CSI (September 21)


8pm: The Big Bang Theory (September 22 - 1 hour)

8:30pm: How To Be A Gentleman (September 29)

9pm: Person of Interest (September 22)

10pm: The Mentalist (September 22)


8pm: A Gifted Man (September 23)

9pm: CSI: NY (September 23)

10pm: Blue Bloods (September 23)


8pm: Rules of Engagement (September 24)

Picked up shows so far:

Person of Interest (Drama)

A Gifted Man (Drama)

The 2-2 (Drama)

Unforgettable (Drama)

Two Broke Girls (Comedy)

How To Be a Gentleman (Comedy)

Cancelled shows so far:



$#*! My Dad Says

The Defenders

Mad Love

Renewed shows so far:

How I Met Your Mother

The Big Bang Theory


NCIS: Los Angeles

The Good Wife

Blue Bloods



CSI: Miami

Rules of Engagement

Mike & Molly

Two and a Half Men

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I'm surprised about the sh!t show. I thought that was doing OK. CBS seems to have canned most of their new sitcoms. Did they still keep Rules of Engagement? That seems to come and go.

Abrams shows tend to be the same generic/pseudo-intellectual stuff again and again. I just hope it's better than what he did to Star Trek.

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CBS has picked up The 2-2 (formerly known as Rookies) and Unforgettable (formerly known as The Rememberer)and the comedy, How To Be a Gentleman.


I'm very happy about How to be a Gentleman getting picked up.

Update: CBS has also picked up the untitled Susannah Grant medical drama, now titled A Gifted Man


This makes me happy too. :)

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"A Gifted Man" - sounds like porno. :lol: But the show sounds boring. It's basically a medical Ghost Whisperer.

Oh man, two more cop procedures.....zzzzzzzzz....typical inside-the-box CBS shows.

I will give HTBAG a shot.

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"A Gifted Man" sounded so much better when it was "Untitled Susannah Grant Project." And Neal Baer will be the show-runner? Oh, Lord. Ten years of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" proved you can count on this guy to do the unpredictable - and I don't mean that in a good way.

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Deadline says CSI likely to loose it's Thursday 9pm spot.


It is too soon for a 2 hour Thursday Comedy block given the uncertainty with Two & Half Men, or otherwise I think they would, but I think they should move Big Bang to 9pm, where I think it would back to 5s and high 4s in the demo, & then put a drama, like maybe move NCIS: LA in at 8pm for now. Might be a bit unconventional but I think that would be better than keeping Big Bang at 8 and doing a new drama at 9.

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I think The Mentalist should go to 9pm and then put a new drama at 10pm - or move Hawaii 5-0 behind Mentalist and then a new drama at Monday 10pm. Move CSI to Tuesdays 10pm - move The Good Wife to Fridays 8pm.

If I scheduled CBS:

Mondays: HIMYM, New Comedy, 2.5 Men, Mike&Molly, New Drama

Tuesdays: NCIS, NCIS:LA, CSI

Wednesdays: Survivor, Criminal Minds, New Drama

Thursdays: TBBT, New Comedy, The Mentalist, Hawaii 5-0

Fridays: The Good Wife, CSI NY, Blue Bloods

As a JJ Abrams fan, I hope Person of Interest gets a good timeslot, either Monday 10pm or Thursday 10pm.

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That could work, but they already tested Mentalist in the 9pm slot, it didn't do any better than CSI, I think they like Mentalist where it is & it will probably stay. And sadly I think they are going to keep Big Bang where it is too even though it will be back up in the 4 and 5s in that 9pm slot...

I'd move Good Wife too. Not sure Friday at 8 is where I'd move it, maybe Sunday? I think The 2-2 would be good on Friday with CSi: NY and Blue Bloods, that way it's a night of NY cop shows.

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Yeah, I guess it depends on how confident CBS is with The Mentalist. At 10pm, it has no competition. At 9pm it would go up against The Office, Grey's, Bones who do well in demos (in the 3's). But The Office and Grey's are vulnerable so now it the time to attack.

The reason I put TGW at Friday 8pm is because it's not violent and it already skews old. Though I like the idea of the all NY cop lineup, would 8pm be too early for a violent cop show?

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