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"No, really, they're better than you think!"

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I LOVE HER!! From the start I really liked her & still do. I think she's fantastic.

There was a short period of time last year where I couldn't stand her or Melanie both. It was when Mel got shot after her wedding & we had to suffer through her in that hospital bed, finding out Carly was her mom, etc...omg I could barely take it!!! She was way OTT & going ballistic, Crystal Chappel basically saved all of their scenes together. And I'll never forget how much of a unlikeable hot mess baby Mel was acting during that time. "um, Philip? Can I, um, have some french fries maybe, and uh soda from the pub (giggle)" rolleyes.gif

Completely disagree!!

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there I said it. She isnt the strongest actress but no way is she as dreadful as people make her out to be in the daily threads. I have no issues with Vasi's acting. The writing for Randi makes her come across as an unlikeable twiit at times but she is decent enough that I dont find her cringeworthy. She did good in her scenes with Angie yesterday when she talked about her miscarriage

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Eric Martsolf

Lindsay Hartman

Kristen Alderson

Shenell Edmonds

Melissa Archer

Crystal Hunt

Tom Degnan

Alexa Havins

I hate the term "hair model". And not JUST because Nelson Branco is so fond of it. To be honest, I find Molly Burnett, Kyle Lowder, and David Gregory to be unwatchable, but to each their own. It's been awhile since I've watched DOOL. At this point, I just watch OLTL, so maybe Molly has improved, I don't know, but from what I saw her when I was still watching, she was one of the only things that Nelson Branco was actually right about.

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GL -

Victor St. Lawrence - I thought he was a decent junior leading man by the end of GL, although he was better at comedy. I also liked the girl who played Christina. They were both a lot of fun on their short lived web series, Wed-locked.

I didn't think Daisy was that bad either, the writing for her was just horrible.

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    • This has probably already been discussed but SAG-AFTRA has authorized a strike in case contract talks reach an impasse.
    • I think it was more LW having something to sink her teeth into beyond posturing with Nina for 6 months. And she killed it.
    • Hahahaha! Biscuit sex. 

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        Damn, that's serious. I still don't like her though, lol! But, damn. Realness right there.
    • What I don't understand is that I hear this over and over and over from the Right.  Do they believe elections have always been rigged - but only when they lose???  Republicans have lost at the ballot box many many times - it was just the electoral college that saved them.  And it's the reason they fight tooth and nail against statehood for DC - because DC would then have 2 senators and at least 1 vote in the House.  And they know what side the city sways.  But Gore, Clinton (Hillary), Biden all WON in the number of votes/popular vote.  Only on the 3rd example did Democrats actually WIN the Presidency because of the electoral college.  People have blinders on and I don't know why - they don't understand that NO, every vote does NOT count under an electoral college system.  If every vote counted, then those are 3 different Presidents we would have had.  It's funny to me that they do NOT see the plain number of votes.
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