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AMC - Wednesday - October 20, 2010

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Krystal stops by the penthouse with coffee and some notes. On her way out Erica says this:


"Krystal, try not to spill that on my furniture" LMAO! I love all the bitch comments Erica keeps dishing out


Asher reveals why he really hates Caleb. He thinks Caleb killed his mother. There goes my theory that he was Sonia's son. I'm really confused she was alive as of Feb and she raised her son, unless there were 2 of them?


Damon and Liza do some nice bonding. Good scenes here


Erica better check her man bc Im surprising. I like every combination of this quad except Jack/Erica

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It was actually Liza herself who brought it up. She told Damon how she used to be a spoiled little rich girl who got whatever she wanted until Jenny showed up. Imo, it was a great reference to history and it added a new dimension to Damon & Liza's growing relationship, which is making me happy!

I love how snarky Erica's been this week! It's also nice that it feels like the writers are keeping her with Jack instead of having her dream of Caleb again.

I'm confused about everything with Sonia now. Does anyone have the extra time to look up old recaps from February at ABC.com or transcripts from TVmegasite.com? I thought Adam spoke to her back then too, but my memory isn't perfect when it comes to soap plots, especially when we never met the character. Did Sonia die shortly after she had Miguel and/or Asher?

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That face is so Disney.


(Meanwhile, that's the LAST time I go Googling Disney pics. I don't need to see perverted fan wank of Scar hittin' Bambi from the back. :o )

I know it was way too cold to be wearing that and she's 64 blah blah but I love that Erica Kane. I cannot help but smile when she pops up on my screen looking like that and handing out classic Erica snark. BTW, I like the cauldron but it should be bigger. It reminds me of when I was little and used to set toilet paper on fire and throw it in the bathroom sink. :ph34r: And the platform with the posts it's sitting on looks cheap, like it could catch fire itself.

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