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DAYS: Suzanne Rogers appears in most episodes since 1983

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Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) appeared in her 86th episode of 2010 on October 13. This is her highest total since 1983, with 56 episodes still to air in 2010. She would need to appear in at least 36 of the next 56 episodes to break her all-time yearly total of 121 episodes, but even if she does not, she will most likely reach the 100-episode mark this year for just the sixth time in 38 years (excluding 1976, the only year with info not yet available). Her yearly total ranking, by episode appearances, is listed below.

Rank. Year...# of Episodes

1. 1981...121

2. 1982...119

3. 1978...117

4. 1983...112

5. 1974...109*

6. 1979...98

7. 1975...97*

*. 1980...97

9. 1977...92*

10. 2010...86 (as of 10/13/10)

*. 2009...86

12. 1984...72

13. 1986...65

14. 1990...63

15. 2003...60

16. 1997...56

17. 1998...53

18. 1991...51

19. 1994...47

20. 1987...45

21. 1995...42

*. 2008...42

23. 1993...38

*. 1996...38

*. 2006...38

26. 1992...37

27. 1988...36

*. 2004...36

29. 2007...35

30. 1973...30

*. 2001...30

32. 1999...29

*. 2005...29

34. 2000...28

35. 1989...24

*. 2002...24

37. 1985...20

**. 1976...N/A

(*: Cast information is not yet available for 2 episodes in 1974, 9 episodes in 1975 and 4 episodes in 1977, so her final totals may be higher in these years).


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I'm so pleased to see this - and that the numbers bear out something I've long suspected: Mickey Horton did NOT do Maggie/Suzanne any favours after their initial love story. I loved the romance between Maggie and Don way-back-when, and was rather annoyed when Mickey returned to ruin it (in 1983). Now that Mickey is gone for good, Maggie has a life again. I realize it's more complicated than that, but it's so nice to see her back on top and looking like she's having more fun that she's had in decades.

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I agree, remos, I much preferred Maggie & Don to Maggie & Mickey, I thought it had the makings of a fantastic pairing, and I really wanted her to stay with Don after Mickey escaped Stefano's clutches. I can't bring myself to watch DAYS much anymore, but I'm thrilled that Suzanne is getting so much airtime. Now if TPTB could do the same for Susan Seaforth Hayes, I'd swallow my distaste for the Sami, Rafe, EJ, Daniel, Chloe and teen stories, and record the show every day.

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Not me. I never expected to see Maggie play lead in a story. To me she was a character that would forever be there to support the younger crowd, passing unwanted judgement or lending advice. I thought her better days were long past her. Boy was I wrong as her story is the best thing on Days right now. I cant beleive Days has been so bold as to feature her as prominetly as they are and what prompted that decision bc it seems like such an odd one that is actually working for them

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Guest dc cubs

I think its Tomlin that is behind the resurgence of Maggie. I certainly wouldn't credit Higley for it. I remember Rogers saying in an interview (it might have been the Buzzworthy radio interview) that shortly after Tomlin came on board he asked Suzanne why she wasn't working more.

I love that Maggie is being featured so much. Days has lots of problems but at least they are not afraid to use their vets in Rogers, Mascolo, Aniston, Sorel, etc.

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I think Suzanne mentioned Tomlin in her TV Guide interview last year.

Maggie has been there for such a long time, just waiting for something to do. In the long run I guess it worked out that so many regimes never bothered with her, because that meant she escaped some of the convoluted storytelling which made a hash out of some other characters. I think what really helps most is that Suzanne has such fantastic screen presence, and she can still show emotion and reaction. Sometimes characters just become dead.

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