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All: actual correct ages of characters on soaps

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Erica 55 (supposedly she was 15 when the show started in 1970)

which means that Kendell is 41

Bianca 22


Near as I can guesstimate, Edward is about 90

He was roughly 60 in 1978 and the father to a guy who was 40 give or take, and then he was said to be a navy captain during WWII, so assuming he was 25 more or less in 1943 that makes him somewhere around 93.

Lucky 25

Jason 29

Robin 32

Alexis is tricky...she was the younger sister of Stavros but Stavros was approximately 30 in 1982, maybe even 25. So Alexis was is basically 50ish, and she had Sam at 16 making Sam 34. Nik was born in 1982 making him 28. Lulu is 17 I think. Maxie is 20, Dr Steven is 33.

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I know what they said, but that is if you accept the deSORAS of the Alexis character. Alexis explicitly said she had Sam when she was 16. With Nik as an anchor point for a timeline, you can pretty much make accurate estimations as to all their ages, and Nik was born in 1982 making him 28. Nik's father we know is about 25 or so years older than he is, and through flashbacks we know Alexis is a few years younger than Nik's father. And Sam is Alexis-16.

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Hey, I'm not hating! It's kind of like The Great Communicator Debates that Trekkers have been having for years. They're questions without answers so all you can do is pick your school of thought and make your case.

And please someone, lay out the ages of the AMC's Martins/Cooney/Chandler spawn please. I'm still trying to figure out how Jake, Amanda and Frankie are all the same age. Once you throw in Liza and Colby it's all over.

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Call it vanity, but my boxer briefs get in a bunch when characters who were *always* older than me are suddenly even a handful of years younger. They need to suffer along with the dirty thirty like the rest of us.

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*casually wanders in* Oh...well...don't mind if I do!

Without SORASing/deSORASing...

Tad, Liza, Angie, Jesse, presumably Krystal - anywhere from 45-50, most are probably on the lower end of that

Jake - 31 on Christmas Day

JR - 21

Scott - about 32

Amanda - 18

Frankie - 27

Colby - 11

Natalia - no more than 20 (was it ever established how long after his "death" Jesse fathered her?)

Damon - 19

It's not TOO far off. Thanks to Knight, Morgan, and Williams being around for all these years, their characters' ages have pretty much been set (but then again, that never stopped Erica). They had Frankie SORASed on The City and when they did that lame return story in '02, but I'm guessing he's currently around his non-SORAS age. Jake's gotta have at least five extra years on him, and JR's got at least 10. Scott would be relatively SORAS-free if not for Cosgrove's old self coming back. I don't care what they say, they won't get me to believe Amanda and Jake are around the same age. That's BS. I'll give them around 26-30 for Amanda. Natalia's gotta have some extra years on her, at least four or five.

Kendall's existence annoys me already, but to think about how the show has to bend and manipulate Erica's age/timeline to accommodate this shrew of a character...ugh. They settled on Kendall being in her early 20s when she was first introduced, so bitch has GOT to be pushing 40. Yet I believe the last thing we heard for an age for her would put her at 34. And they're STILL pushing the "Errrkuh was raped when she was 14, yalll!" thing, so Erica's now 48?! And Bianca's coming up on at least 27-28 herself, so there's a seven year difference between Bianca and Kendall...Josh is supposed to be in there somewhere...so allllll of the old school Erica stuff from like the first 15 years of the show are now supposed to have taken place within half the time. All because of Kendall.

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GH character ages

Edward 93

Tracy 60-65

Luke 60-65

Laura 48

Alexis 46

Sonny 42

Olivia 40

Claire 39

Carly 36

Jason 36

Brenda 36

Sam 30

Johnny 30

Nikolas 28

Lucky 27

Elizabeth 27

Dante 25

Ethan 25

Spinelli 25

Maxie 24

Brook Lynn 23

Lulu 22

Michael 18

Kristina 17

Morgan 12

Molly 11

Sam was born in May 1980 when Alexis was 16.

Ethan is younger than Lucky and older than Lulu.

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