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Sunset Beach: 1997 Episode Counts


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1997 Episode Rankings

A total of 245 episodes aired this year. (Not including the week of recap shows)

1. Susan Ward (Meg Cummings) 200

2. Sam Behrens (Gregory Richards) 198

3. Vanessa Dorman (Caitlin Richards) 195

*. Clive Robertson (Ben Evans) 195

5. Lesley-Anne Down (Olivia Richards) 192

6. Sarah Buxton (Annie Douglas) 181

7. Eddie Cibrian (Cole Deschanel) 174

8. Hank Cheyne (Ricardo Torres) 156

9. Laura Harring (Paula Stevens) 141

10. Nick Stabile (Mark Wolper) 132

11. Jason W. George (Michael Bourne) 131

12. Dax Griffin (Tim Truman) 128

13. Timothy Adams (Casey Mitchum) 127

14. Peter Barton (Eddie Connors) 125

*. Kathleen Noone (Bette Katzenkazrahi) 125

16. Sherri Saum (Vanessa Hart) 123

*. Randy Spelling (Sean Richards) 123

18. Priscilla Garita (Gabi Martinez) 110

*. Leigh Taylor-Young (Elaine Stevens) 110

20. Dominique Jennings (Virginia Harrison) 76

21. Kelly Hu (Rae Chang) 63

22. Adrienne Frantz (Tiffany Thorne) 48

23. V.P. Oliver (Jimmy Harrison) 46

24. Andre Khabbazi (Officer Oscar Ruiz) 38

25. Russell Curry (Tyus Robinson) 36

26. Barbara Mandrell (Alex Mitchum) 33

27. Carol Potter (Joan Cummings) 32

28. Steven Vincent Leigh (Wei-Lee Young) 25

28. David Andriole (Officer Spencer) 16

30. Jennifer Banko (Tiffany Thorne) 14

*. Julien Cesario (Officer Lopez) 14

*. Ashley Hamilton (Cole Deschanel) 14

33. Denise Alexander (Sister Beatrice) 13

34. Sandra Robinson (Jade Sheridan) 12

35. John Reilly (Del Douglas) 10

*. Aaron D. Spears (Officer Washington) 10

37. Kathryn Daley (Dr. Alison McRae) 9

*. Constance Towers (Julianna Deschanel) 9

39. Ashley Monique Clark (Jaleen Muhammad) 8

*. Bonnie Hellman (Nurse Stacey) 8

*. Mushond Lee (Jo-Jo Muhammad) 8

*. Jodie Mann (Nurse Trudy) 8

*. Irene Yah-Ling Sun (Mrs. Chang) 8

*. James Storm (Charles Lakin) 8

45. Don Amendolia (Al Kennedy) 7

*. Fran Bennett (Chief Harris) 7

*. George Kee Cheung (Mr. Chang) 7

*. Ramsay Midwood (Ralph Myers) 7

*. Jeremy Roberts (Clyde) 7

*. Steve Sax (Vincent) 7

51. John Martin (Hank Cummings) 6

52. Scott Layne (Hitman) 5

53. Keene Curtis (Quint) 4

*. Lynn Hamilton (Selita Jones) 4

*. Michael Melvin (Captain Grogan) 4

56. Margarita Cordova (Carmen Torres) 2

57. Krissy Carlson (Amy Dreyer) 1

*. Lillian Lehman (Lena Hart) 1

And here is who ended up being in first place each month:

JANUARY: Clive Robertson (Ben) and Susan Ward (Meg) - 18/19

FEBRUARY: Clive Robertson (Ben), Susan Ward (Meg) and Hank Cheyne (Ricardo Torres) - 18/20

MARCH: Peter Barton (Eddie) - 20/20

APRIL: Lesley-Anne Down (Olivia) - 21/22

MAY: Eddie Cibrian (Cole) and Vanessa Dorman (Caitlin) - 18/22

JUNE: Sam Behrens (Gregory) and Lesley-Anne Down (Olivia) - 19/20

JULY: Sarah Buxton (Annie) - 14/15

AUGUST: Sarah Buxton (Annie), Lesley-Anne Down (Olivia), Dax Griffin (Tim), Clive Robertson (Ben) and Susan Ward (Meg) - 18/20

SEPTEMBER: Sarah Buxton (Annie), Eddie Cibrian (Cole), Vanessa Dorman (Caitlin), Lesley-Anne Down (Olivia) and Clive Robertson (Ben) - 18/22

OCTOBER: Sam Behrens (Gregory), Eddie Cibrian (Cole) and Vanessa Dorman (Caitlin) - 21/23

NOVEMBER: Sam Behrens (Gregory), Eddie Cibrian (Cole) and Vanessa Dorman (Caitlin) - 18/19

DECEMBER: Eddie Cibrian (Cole) - 21/22

And here it is - as promised, I posted the episode counts. I went through every. single. episode. of the show (actually watched or FFed it) and I can confirm that this is 99.99% accurate, heh.

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Thanks for posting these. I really didn't become a regular viewer of Beach until the Terror Island story so I missed out on large chunks of Beach's first year, although I do recall Cole and Olivia's affair at the grotto and then Cole's O.J. style high speed chase. Beach certainly had a number of B-list and C-list stars and rising stars in its cast didn't they? Ashley Hamilton was the one-time husband of Shannon Doherty, whatever happened to him anyways? His replace Eddie Cibrian was HOT and was very famous at the time for being the star of Baywatch Nights. ^_^:P

I forgot that Kelly Hu was on the show, wasn't she like a surf girl detective or something?, I forgot that Paula carried much of Beach's first year--why was she dropped?

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Yeah, Spelling definitely pulled some strings for important actors to show up on the show during the first year: we also had Jack Wagner, Finola Hughes and Michael Trucco in minor roles; also Aaron D. Spears from B&B.

Kelly Hu played Rae, the doctor at the Sunset Beach hospital. She was dating Casey until she decided that her parents (who forced her to be with Wei-Lee Young, a man they chose for her) were more important to her. She wasn't a popular character so she left a few weeks after Adrienne Frantz.

Meanwhile, Paula left on December 17 along with her mother. They were just removed after Gabi's trial concluded (actually the final day of the trial was their final day). I don't know exactly why, I guess people didn't respond to her or something. I found her to be good. Then again, they struck gold with Priscilla Garita so I guess that's why they chose to get rid of Laura Harring.

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Not gonna lie but as a young teen back then I had the hots for Casey.

Paula's mother, Elaine was the one who killed Del right? It's kind of strange they were written out like that although I guess it gave us the Ricardo/Gabi/Antonino triangle later on. Gabi and Mark were cute but that certainly didn't last.

One question I have after scrolling through all the names regards the character Al Kennedy. Didn't he the guy who died in Bette's hot tub/sauna? What was the significance his death? Actually, didn't Annie get trapped inside his coffin?

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Yes, Elaine killed Del because she found out that many years ago Del had taken her child (Cole) and told her he died.

The thing between Gabi and Mark would have lasted had they not have chosen to kill off Mark during the Terror Island storyline.

Yes, Al Kennedy was one of Bette's seven ex-husbands. He died in her tub just as Annie was in prison. When Annie escaped from the hospital (after something she did in prison) she went inside Al's coffin to travel to New Orleans, only to end up in the crematorium.

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January 17, 21, 24, 27, 28, 30, 31.

February 3, 5, 6.

Those are all of his dates. I recognized him accidentally and then finally found proof on some site. However, all other sites have no clue for this.

Also, Michael Trucco appeared as 'Officer' on the episode where Cole is running from the cops, November 17, yet there is no clue for his appearance either.

I do have to note: IMDB has so many wrong credits listed on their site - either people that didn't appear in that certain episode or people that appeared but weren't credited.

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That's because people have submitted the stuff incorrectly. So, if you have the airdates and are interested in submitting info to IMDB it would be awesome to see for Sunset Beach to become more complete. It is pretty simple though can be time consuming. I was hoping to do it with AW but they are pulling the episodes from Hulu before I will get a chance to even get through 1991.

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He became a stand-up comedian. He was on Dancing With the Stars last year. He couldn't dance, both from a lack of rhythm and apparently he'd had a car accident he'd had to recover from. I think they only had him on because they needed to fill out the cast and because his father George had been on the show in 2006. Ashley was the first person voted out, although to his credit he had a good attitude about it all.

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Thanks, I did not know he was on Dancing with the Stars last year.

I'm having major Beach flashbacks right now. I remember after NBC canceled NBC News Nightside (their version of Up To the Minute and World News Now) my local NBC station began airing same day repeats of Beach alongside Jenny Jones reruns at like 2:30 in the morning. As one can imagine, watching TV like that in the middle of the night was fun. In September '99 though they dropped the daytime airings of Beach and kept only the late-night airings of it, so I missed a lot in the final months. I almost nearly missed in the series finale as I was passing out long after midnight on New Year's, luckily my mother had taped it for me ^_^.

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Yeah, they submitted it accordingly to various sites, from old soapcentral recaps to probably some fan sites.

I guess I could give it a shot when I find time, but I'm busy as it is adding the stuff to another site, where I'm the editor for SuBe.

I'm moving on to 1998, which I only saw bits and pieces of, so it's like a childhood dream coming true. :blush:

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TV.com right (I think I once saw your name at the Y&R page)? I used to submit there too when it was still TVTome.com or sth. like that. But after those various buy-outs/being bought by CBS I got tired of the site because the submission mode was really nerve-wrecking and my account did not work at some instances.

I think - even though IMDb can be frustrating too - there is some chance for data to be kept and not squandered by some loons and it is more wildly accessible. I never got why CBS deleted all their daytime recaps (from the late 90s, early 2000s) and yet did not incorpate them into TV.com either.

But any correct and extensive soap info on any site is great. :)

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