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DAYS: 1977 Episode Rankings out soon

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Hi all. The 1977 episode rankings will be out soon. I've provided the contract cast list below. There were only 25 actors on contract in 1977. Which 10 of these 25 do you think will comprise the top 10 for 1977?? Who will be the highest-ranking recurring actor?? Make your guesses now and find out later this week!

Macdonald Carey (Tom)

Frances Reid (Alice)

John Clarke (Mickey)

Edward Mallory (Bill)

Susan Hayes (Julie)

Bill Hayes (Doug)

Peter Brown (Greg)

Mark Tapscott (Bob)

Suzanne Rogers (Maggie)

Corinne Conley (Phyllis)

Wesley Eure (Mike)

Mary Frann (Amanda)

Joseph Gallison (Neil)

Robert Clary (Robert)

Margaret Mason (Linda)

Jed Allan (Don)

Richard Guthrie (David)

Brooke Bundy (Rebecca)

Adrienne LaRussa (Brooke)

Patty Weaver (Trish)

Barbara Stanger (Mary)

Deidre Hall (Marlena)

Rosemary Forsyth (Laura)

Josh Taylor (Chris)

Suzanne Zenor (Margo)

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