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Great stuff!! Thank you Saynotoursoap.So this was mid 66.

I liked Melissa as Patty.I wonder why she left/was replaced?

Same with Virginia Gilmore.Books have off in 67,then Lesley Woods before Joan Copeland.Was Andrea written out between actresses?Was Woods just temp until Copeland?

Interesting to see that in the 15 min,the show moved quite quickly.from daytime at the hospital,to evening at Jo's.Also,the fact that they moved straight to Patti/Andrea with no time elapsing.

There seemed to be less filler.Later on ,we would have had Andrea open the door to Patit,preliminary chit chat and much more before Andrea's offer.

Also,Burr DeBenning was playing Nick,whereas some references have Ken Kercheval in the role from 65.

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I thought Melissa was a little upper class, but she did a decent job. I think this is the first time I've seen any Patty but the last.

The show has great pacing and structure. This is why I don't feel 15 minute soaps are too short.

I really liked that scene with Bob Rogers and Jo. I liked that she was not pleasant, that she then realized how she sounded, and she broke down. It's so true to life. Jo just seems so real.

The girl talking to Patty and Len, that was Emily Rogers who was later married to Len? I wonder when Louise Shaffer took over.

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Shaffer took over in 67.Emily never married Len.She married Nick,but I have never read much about them or why they divorced.

Jo mentioned Arthur and this must have been not long after his death.

The other thing i noticed was that the supporting characters-,Emily,Nick,Andrea and even Len had it pretty easy script wise-they didn't have a lot of lines.

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So would I. It's rare for soaps to hire deaf actors - the only long-running one was Amy Ecklund on GL.

I wish we could see Linda's work on SFT. She went on to have a good run on Sesame Street.

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In March 75, Variety reported that CBS was exploring the possibility of extending Search and ATWT to 45 min each ,with SFT running 12.30 - 1.15 and ATWT from 1.15 - 2.00.

Apparently affiliates were not happy about losing the 1.00 - 1.30 slot and CBS instead expanded ATWT to 60 min.

Things might have been different for Search if the expansion had gone ahead.

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