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I notice Dave Wasserman has spent months going out of his way to tell his followers the worst scenarios for Democrats in the House. He's probably right, but, like many Beltway pundits who make $$$ off the GOP, there's a glimmer in his tweets that makes me think he will be happy to be right.

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There are plenty of other good alternatives. I'm surprised, though; it sounded like Murkowski could've given.

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2 minutes ago, Franko said:

Cue the "Democrats in disarray" bull from the usual suspects ...


Eh, Trump and others lost a few nominees. It happens. The Beltway was just obsessed with Tanden because both they and the left had feuded with her, and because she was a prominent woman of color.



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Good points. I did what I didn't want to, fell into the "every step or setback is a game changer!" mentality.

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Posted (edited)

I have to admit I don't really care that Tanden is gone. I just hate how it went. Manchin is such a phony and you just know it was because he was pissed about her tweet about his daughter and her price gauging and nothing else.  Not that I ever cared much for Manchin but this seals my opinion of him,


I read that Reverend Barber recruited a ton of what we all refer to as essential workers  from West Virginia to approach Manchin on the min wage increase and even Barber said he was frustrated because no matter how many stories folks from West Virginia told, not one thing touched Manchin enough to make him budge.

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There are, like, a half-dozen "Law & Order" episodes contained within that report on Jackson.  And you know you're trash when your life is like even one episode of L&O.

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Ronny Jackson was so awful that Jon Tester risked his political career to keep him out of heading the VA. I wish I were surprised he failed his way into Congress, but then the GOP side of Congress is full of criminals and morons. 

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