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:huh:  It never was. Corrie was always no. 1 in the UK ratings. EE was able to beat it a few times during climaxes etc. But it was pretty much a no. 2.

That's true, I think EastEnders only briefly outrated Corrie in yearly ratings for a short time in the 90's. Corrie has always been higher rated than EastEnders in yearly ratings.

It's funny to note that when Corrie is bad shape, it doesn't seem to get the ratings drop that EastEnders gets when it's in a similar condition.

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That's true, I think EastEnders only briefly outrated Corrie in yearly ratings for a short time in the 90's. Corrie has always been higher rated than EastEnders in yearly ratings.

It's funny to note that when Corrie is bad shape, it doesn't seem to get the ratings drop that EastEnders gets when it's in a similar condition.

I think that that's because, among other things, Corrie is a warmer soap. EE is like a really gloomy, depressing soap on steroids full of violence and abnormal behaviour, famous for creating brilliant characters and getting rid of them in a blink of an eye. It just has no continuity of good stuff. That is, pretty much every Britsh soap has ups and downs, but EE's ups and downs are much more visible and noticeable. When it's bad, it's awful, when it's good, it's really good. But only for a short while.

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EastEnders actress is dying of breast cancer

Jenny Booth

Wendy Richard, who gained fame in long-running television shows Are You Being Served? and EastEnders, revealed today that she was dying of cancer.

The 65-year-old actress said that she planned to marry her long-term partner within the week before starting her latest round of treatment.

The star has twice been diagnosed with breast cancer. In a newspaper interview, she said that she was diagnosed in January with a recurrence of an aggressive form of the disease that has attacked her kidney and spread to her bones.

Since then she had written her will and planned her funeral, she said.

“I went for my usual annual check-up and they found that some cancer cells had returned in my left armpit,” Ms Richard said.

“The drugs I was given to help had an adverse effect. If anything, they did more damage than good so my health has really deteriorated. Now I have a cancerous growth on my right kidney and the cancer has spread to my bones.

“Twice I’ve had breast cancer but this is different. It’s more aggressive this time, unfortunately, and has spread to the top of my spine and left ribs.”

She added: “My oncologist said I’ve got several useful years ahead of me but since then it’s got worse.”

Ms Richard said that she will marry her partner, John Burns, before starting chemotherapy treatment on October 13.

She rose to fame playing Miss Brahms in Are You Being Served? during the 1970s, and reinforced her stardom with the role of Pauline Fowler in the BBC1 soap opera EastEnders.

She was awarded the MBE for services to television in 2000.


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Eastenders is also repeated on BBC 3 at 10pm each evening, allowing viewer's to catch up on that evenings episodes. This averages about 1 million and the Sunday omnibus draws 2m viewer's.

EastEnders legend John Altman is to make a dramatic return to Walford at Christmas as the notorious Nick Cotton.

The 56-year-old actor was last seen in the BBC soap in 2001 when his screen mother Dot Cotton (June Brown) disowned him following the death of her grandson Ashley (Frankie Fitzgerald).

It later transpired that Nick was responsible for his son's death by cutting the brake cables on Mark Fowler's (Todd Carty) motorbike. Despite intending to kill Mark, it was Ashley who rode the bike to his death.

Since leaving Albert Square, Nick has spent time in prison for various drug-related offences. In 2006, Dot made the shocking discovery that her son was ill in hospital with cancer. Following her off-screen visit to him in hospital, he went on to make a full recovery.

Speaking of his return, Altman said: "After an absence of seven years, I am thrilled to return to Albert Square. The BBC have always given me great storylines as Nick Cotton and I look forward to seeing if Nick will once again spread fear and loathing throughout the Square!"

Executive producer Diederick Santer said: "Nick Cotton is an EastEnders legend. His complex relationship with Dot, his criminal tendencies, and his addiction to heroin, violence, and everything else that's bad have made him one of the show's best-remembered and best-loved villains."

He added: "We're very excited that he - and the talented John Altman who plays him - will be returning to the Square."

Earlier this year, June Brown called for the return of her screen son, claiming that Dot "needs him in her life".

Altman begins filming at Elstree Studios in Borehamwood, Herts - home to EastEnders - later this month, while producers are keeping tight-lipped as to the exact date of his screen reappearance.

John Bardon has returned to the set of EastEnders to film a new guest appearance.

The 69-year-old actor, who plays Jim Branning, was forced to take a break from the BBC One soap after suffering a stroke in June 2007.

Bardon made his first return to the role earlier this year for a one-off episode which aired in August. He has now been spotted at the show's studios in Borehamwood, Herts, once again.

An insider told the Daily Star Sunday: "John was asked if he would come back to film scenes to do with a big autumn storyline. It's going to be massive so there was no way he was going to turn down the chance of going back.

"He's still recovering but the fact that he's been back for another stint has really helped."

A spokesperson for the programme confirmed that Bardon had made a return but kept tight-lipped about the details.

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I'm so not looking forward to, "Nasty" Nick's return. I don't see the need for it.

June Brown, has way too much clout, for my liking. Hmm, seems like a point I should've added to that Vets thread of Sylph's. Only listen when it's for the good of the show.

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Surely this is just being exagerated by the UK press--considering Hollyoaks airs at what like 5--and nearly every other UK soap has had gay kissing now--and EastEnders is known as one of the grittier ones...

The BBC has been flooded with 145 complaints after screening a gay kiss on EastEnders before the 9pm watershed.

The 'offensive' scenes were screened on Tuesday's episode of the soap and showed Christian Clarke (John Partridge, 36) and Lee Thompson (Carl Ferguson, 27) engage in a passionate kiss. In a statement the BBC defended itself by saying it was down to parents to decide whether the content of the show was suitable for children to watch.

But some viewers were left deeply unimpressed.

One viewer wrote on the BBC’s Points Of View internet messageboard: 'I am appalled by the display of homosexual kissing before the watershed shown on EastEnders.

'This is disgraceful whilst young children are watching and sets the wrong example.'

Another, Pat, wrote: 'I had to explain to my seven-year-old son what was happening.

'He now thinks he is gay because he kisses his dad.'

And another angry fan added: 'I think pre-watershed standards have been irresponsibly lowered in recent years.'

Tuesday night's scenes saw Christian and Lee caught in the act by busybody Dot Cotton as they kisses on Arthur Fowler's memorial bench.

She tells them that she is as liberal as the next person, but does not approve of canoodling in public places.

The latest outrage comes 21 years after EastEnders screened the first gay kiss in a British soap.

Back then, Colin Russell – played by Michael Cashman, 57, who is now a Labour MEP – gave Barry Clark (Gary Hailes, 42) a kiss on the forehead.

The move resulted in a record number of complaints and there were even questions asked in Parliament about whether the scene was appropriate.

In a statement the BBC confirmed it had received complaints - but refused to say how many.

The statement read: 'We approach our portrayal of homosexual relationships in the same way as we do heterosexual relationships.

'We believe that the general tone and content of EastEnders is now widely recognised.

'Parents can make an informed decision as to whether they want their children to watch.'

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I can't help thinking that anyone who has never heard of the show before will see that promo will think its a sci Fi series about robots lol but regardless, yeah the EastEnders promos are always great lol! Love this one and the Max one and the Bianca ones from a year ago too.

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After the truly bizarre preceding episode featuring Peggy Mitchell leading the women of Albert Square in a rapturous booty shake with pom-poms (shudder, never again), obviously something terrible was about to happen on her wedding day to the loathsome Archie Mitchell. The trailers had Peggy being assembled in her wedding outfit by a robot, symbolising his controlling nature. This story collided with the most drawn-out “reveal” in soapland.

It’s a rare treat that a single EastEnders episode features Peggy’s hair, Pat’s eyeshadow, Max and Stacey stalking each other like horny polecats and Janine spitting excessive venom, and added to that a bellowed revelation (“You’re my muvvvver”) with a tragic death cherry on top — but that’s what they gave us, the floozies.

For seven, long months, viewers have been wishin’ and a hopin’ that Danielle would tell Ronnie, Archie’s daughter, that Ronnie was her mother. The evil Archie had found out Danielle’s true identity and had lied to her that Ronnie knew the truth and wanted nothing to do with Danielle. To bring this to a climax the writer Simon Ashdown opted for mad crescendo after mad crescendo. You may well have spent the hour shouting loudly and gripping nearby cushions.

Danielle (Lauren Crace) has spent most of her sentence in Albert Square, and nearly all of last night, on a permanent crying jag, at the whim of an implausible storyline. Quite why Archie is so evil and intent on making Peggy and his daughters so unhappy isn’t clear. Quite why he stole his daughter’s baby and gave it away, and claimed it was dead, isn’t clear. Control, maybe. Larry Lamb is brilliantly creepy and whatever twisted logic lies inside Archie is conveyed through his cadaverous face and swirling-black pupils.

The pom-pom madness had supposedly liberated the “real Peggy”.

But “the real Peggy” is a hazy concept: there’s Peggy the big-hearted East End landlady and Peggy the crone famous for rasping “Get ahht my pub” to anyone who crosses her path. For someone into evil mind control, Archie has brilliant taste. The wedding outfit he had chosen for Peggy was much nicer than the tatty net curtains that even Miss Havisham would have rejected that the “real Peggy” chose to marry in.

Archie pursed his lips at this act of insurrection, but the “real Peggy” hissed that he had to take her as she was. He said he did, but he didn’t. They married, with Archie creepily instructing his wife to pour him some wine at the reception. Danielle, channelling Cordelia from King Lear, finally confronted Ronnie, revealed all Archie’s lies and schemes and begged Ronnie: “You’ve got to believe me. I’m your daughter”. (Britain screamed back in return: Believe her! We’ve had ENOUGH.)

But Archie claimed that Danielle was disturbed and Ronnie — despite all his past abuse of her — believed him. In front of a packed pub, Danielle screamed: “I am the only one telling the truth”. The Vic regulars, well-schooled in dramatic revelations of affairs, secret parentages, sudden reincarnations and the identity of murderers, merely looked on, restless for their wedding cake. Ronnie threw Danielle into the street and shouted: “Who’d want a daughter like you?” (Britain cries: NOOOO!)

It came down, Shakespearean-ly enough, to Danielle’s locket that contained a picture of Ronnie. When Ronnie found it, she realised the truth and went after Danielle. Peggy tried to turf Archie out, realising what a monster he was. He’ll no doubt be grateful to his would-be partner in crime Janine, who, speeding from the Square after yet another set of botched misdeeds, knocked Danielle over. She died in Ronnie’s arms: her final word which should have been her first, “Mum”.

Just as Ronnie had begun the episode cradling baby Amy (progeny of her sister Roxy), so she ended the episode cradling her dead daughter, who she had originally called Amy. Ronnie let forth a guttural howl. You may have been similarly hysterical at home. EastEnders had hit the misery mother lode.

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Such a cruel ending to an interesting tale (which hasn't even begun to play out here in New Zealand yet as we are still seing episode from June of last year, slowly catching up at the rate of one episode per week since its on five days a week here).

I can't help thinking of the imaginary lyrics that Bill Bailey (probably best known on these forums for playing Maxxie Oliver's father on Skins) made up for the EastEnders theme tune "Everyone is going to die, we're all going to die, in a variety of different ways"

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