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DAYS: Monday October 15

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That last segment made me teary eyed, especially Martha who IMO is rocking this material. Dee and Ali have been good, but not on Martha's level, at least not yet.

I can't give enough credit to Ed Scott and the 2 directors from Y&R who have made the show look so much more realistic. The look and feel of the show is top notch in daytime now. King, I don't find it silly at all what you said about the real police and ambulance making the scenes better. These minor details go a long way for me.

I really hope we get scenes where Marlena is calling people to tell them about John. That to me would be so hard to do in real life, so I hope I get to see some of that on the show. I also hope Brady is mentioned, but there is no way he wouldn't make it back for his own dad's funeral. Iwish DAYS could get Lowder back for a few eppies, B&B does still owe DAYS.

Tomorrow's eppy can't get here fast enough.....

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Awesome episode, one of the best this year.

I'm going to miss these location scenes. I hope we get more of these. It really does add a realistic feel to the show and Salem as a town. We need more of these. I loved the use of the ambulance and police car with 'SALEM POLICE' written on the side. It would have been nice to see Abe or Roman get out of the car, but we can't have everything, right?

Marlena and Belle were breaking my heart today. Deidre Hall and Martha Madison brought it today. There were moments when Dee didn't have to say a word and she was on fire. This is what I was hoping to see on Friday, and knew I would see in the aftermath. I only know that her performance will only get better as the week moves along. Maybe Dee will finally submit her name for an Emmy pre-nom, because with material like this, she deserves at least a nomination, if not the win. Martha also could be placed in the supporting actress category. She is long over due for an Emmy, but not as much as Deidre.

I like that they finally gave Dr. Berman a name. I don't know if I would've chosen Miles. He doesn't really look like a Miles to me, but whatever. He looks more like a Ben or Ross.

Again, I don't even care about the Sami/EJ/Lucas drama. I'm so over these three that I really tune them out when watching the show. And that's a damn shame because EJ and Sami are a couple that I've been hoping to see for months now. <_<

However, I do like that they are showing EJ's cynical side a bit more now. The way he sounded pleased to know that John was run down. He looked like he was very satisfied. I missed that side of EJ and it's nice to see it again. I loved EJ's talk with Stefano about how his pawn stole his queen. It's like the writers have realized that fans were disappointed that there were no references to Stefano's history with John and Marlena, that now, they're starting to give it to us all at once. Again, <_<

Great to see Tony and Anna again. Today reminded me that Tony, the real Tony, has never met John before John, Marlena and Anna arrived on that island. John is Tony's half-brother, and they don't even know each other. It was great to see the writers address that because I really looked that over. Awesome job in that department. It's the little things like this that make me like the current writing. If only the story, as a whole, was this well kept.

I can't believe how much I really like the sorority storyline. It's nice to be able to enjoy Chelsea as an individual with Nick nowhere in sight. I really like Morgan, and Cordy is great too. Someone needs to change Ford's hairstyle. That really annoys me. :lol: I think that they're handling this story very well. It could really have a Saved by the Bell feel to it, but it doesn't, not for me.

I love Max and Morgan. I just wish that the writers would stop testing Max and Stephanie. No one wants to see the two together, and it's so much better to not have them together. Although I love Max and Morgan together, this is one of the reasons I don't want to become too invested in them. I just know that Morgan is only a prop that will be used to get Max and Stephanie together in the end, and that sucks.

MVPs today: Deidre Hall and Martha Madison for sure. I did like Thaao's performance as well as the torn DiMera.

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I watched it last night on Soapnet and all I have to say is WOW. Dee and Martha were incredible, the pacing/editing was fantastic, and JM/TP/LH together onscreen in Stefano's hospital room? Pure gold.

One gripe though is Sami's blubbering. Look, I think Ali is a great actress, but she could have been a LOT more subtle in her grief. I think when it comes to tears, she overdoes it a lot.

But thats just a minor beef with an otherwise flawless episode. This is one of the Emmy reels for 2008, and the fact that week is going to get better has me excited to watch once again.

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